How to Recover iPhone Data without Password? [Solved]

To recover iPhone data without password, check the detailed tutorial on this page and retrieve data from locked iPhones easily.


By Lora / Updated on June 13, 2023

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"Can you get data off an iPhone without the password?"


So, my iPhone is completely disabled after I forgot the passcode to it. I have no backups, no iCloud, no nothing. Is there a chance in this entire universe by which I can get any iPhone pictures back after doing a complete factory wipeout?


- Question from Macrumors


Like problems of recovering data from iPhones after factory reset, users are seeking help to fix various iPhone issues, one of which is to retrieve data from locked iPhones.

On their iPhones, users establish a passcode to safeguard their personal information, and some even change it on a regular basis to maintain security. Users must enter their passcodes every time they reboot their iPhones, so few will forget them.

Those who change their passwords frequently, on the other hand, are prone to mix them up, after several times attempting, they found that their iPhones are disabled.


When do you need to recover iPhone data without passwords?

This is not a rare case. Situations in which users need to recover data without passwords are listed here.

Disabled iPhone. several times wrong password attempts will lock your iPhone. Given this, some users are seeking help to recover data from disabled iPhone without iTunes.

Forgotten passcode. Users forgot their passcodes but were in desperate need of the information on their iPhones.

Damaged screen. The screen makes no reaction when touching it, so users cannot input their passcode.

Rebooting loop. When update failure occurs, iPhone can get stuck in the process of rebooting, and reboot again automatically.

Water damage. If iOS devices are intruded on by liquid, they may fail in booting up. Then users need to recover data from water damaged iPhone.

If physical damage occurs, it is a better bet to turn to the local repair service as soon as possible. To troubleshoot the forgotten password issue, here prepared a useful guide for users to retrieve data from locked iPhones.

How to recover iPhone data without passwords?

Users may wonder that is it possible for them to get data from locked iPhones even when they don’t have a passcode. Well, it is possible, but with prerequisites.

  • First, your iPhone is supposed to connect with a computer that you have already connected to before. That is to say, you have ever clicked “Trust” to the pop-up question “Trust This Computer?” Thus, it requires no password to do any operation.
  • Then, it is necessary that your iPhone hasn’t been rebooted after being trusted by your computer. Otherwise, your iPhone cannot be connected.
  • If your iPhone is disabled, your iPhone will not be connected to the computer until the countdown is over.


Then, let’s make it clear about what you need before operating.

✔ Your iPhone.

✔ A compatible charging cable (an original lighting cable is recommended).

✔ A computer equipped with the latest version of iTunes.

Now follow the detailed guide to get your data back from a locked iPhone.

Phase 1. Make a backup via iTunes

iTunes could help you backup and restore your iPhone.

First of all, to prevent your data from being gone when trying to unlock your iPhone, and to preserve the current data of your device, it is necessary to create a backup before removing the passcode.

Step 1. Start iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer.


Step 2. Click the “iPhone” icon.


Step 3. Then go to “Summary” and click “Back Up Now” to make a backup.


It is recommended not to encrypt the backup here in case you may forget it.

Now, you can safely remove your passcode, follow the steps in the next part.

Phase 2. Unlock your iPhone via entering Recovery Mode

Here users can utilize the Recovery Mode to wipe all the data and settings on the device, thus the passcode is also removed.

Tips:  Disconnect your iPhone first.

Step 1. Follow the tutorial to turn off your iPhone.



Step 2. Then follow the step here to put your device in Recovery Mode.



Step 3. Hold the correct button and immediately connect your iPhone to your computer. Here please keep pressing the buttons and do not let go until the Recovery Mode screen appears.

Step 4. Then a pop-up window will show, click “Restore”.


Thus the passcode is successfully removed, then you can move to the next part to extract data from iPhone without passcodes.

Phase 3. Recover iPhone data without passwords

After wiping the passcode, you can follow the two methods given here to retrieve your data.

Method 1. Recover iPhone data without passwords from iCloud backup

If you are equipped with iCloud backup, you can utilize this feature. If you found that restoring from iCloud backup not working, refer to the tutorial to fix it.

Tips: It is highly recommended to take down your new password after setting it.

Step 1. Turn on your iPhone, after setting the password face ID, etc.

Step 2. Choose “Restore from iCloud Backup”. Sign in with your Apple ID.


Method 2. Recover iPhone data without password from iTunes backup

If you don’t have a backup on iCloud, retrieving your data from iTunes backup you have made now is recommended.

  • Click “Trust” when the “Trust This Computer” prompt shows.
  • It is recommended to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network and charge it.
  • If you found iTunes cannot restore iPhone from backup, check the tutorial.

Step 1. Turn on your iPhone, after setting the password face ID, etc.

Step 2. Choose “Restore from Mac or PC”. Connect your iPhone to your computer.


Step 3. Select the backup you have made, wait patiently while restoring, and then finish the setup process.

Now you have successfully retrieved data from locked iPhone.

Wrapping up

In this article, the elaborated tutorial to recover iPhone data without passwords has been given above. Firstly, create a new backup to preserve your current data; then, remove the passcode via Recovery Mode; finally, restore data from iCloud or iTunes backup.

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