How Do You Backup and Restore Your iPhone 13, 14?

How do you backup and restore your iPhone 13? Users could get guided with practicable methods to backup and restore iPhone 13.


By Lora / Updated on June 16, 2023

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What does backup and restore do on iPhone 13?

When using their devices, users seem to have backup/restore questions from time to time. They may get confused with the function or definition of “Backup” and “Restore”.  Or, sometimes they may have no idea about the best way to backup and restore their devices.


Backup, on a computer, refers to a copy of the program, disk, or data, working as insurance to get the data back when data loss occurs. Restore means returning to its original functioning condition.

Here, it can be said that a user using iPhone 13 is suggested to back up his/her data in case a data loss on his/her iPhone 13 will occur, then this user could restore from this backup; thus nothing is lost.

Here let’s take a look at an example.

Hi, so I just cracked the back glass of my iPhone X... The good thing: I have AppleCare+. Apple Support told me that I will get a replacement device, and before that I should back up the device, sign out of iCloud, and delete all data/reset device. I'd like to know what would be the most reliable way to backup and restore.

- Question from MacRumors

The same is to iPhone 13 users, when they get a new iPhone 13 to replace their old devices, they will need to perform iPhone 13 Backup and Restore.

Then, just like the users in the case, you need to erase all the data on the old iPhone before selling it or dealing with it. By making a backup before restoring, you could recover iPhone without losing data.

Then, how do you backup and restore your iPhone 13? You could be guided in the next part.

How do you backup and restore your iPhone 13?


How to do iPhone 13 backup and restore? Here the official method of backup will be given in detail, and as for the Restore part, a software recommendation will be provided, too. With its great features, it could be very easy for users to restore their iPhone 13 data.

 How to Back up iPhone 13/14?

Many users take advantage of iTunes to back up their iPhone data because iTunes could back up their iPhone 13 quite entirely, and it is totally free to do so. It could also help users recover data from restored iPhone.

Please connect your iPhone 13 correctly and properly to your computer to avoid poor connection. 
It is recommended to store your encryption password safely because you could not get access to your backup without a password. 
If iTunes failed to restore iPhone from backup, please get help here.

Step 1. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to your PC.


Step 2. Tap the “iPhone” icon on the upper-left corner of this window.


Step 3. To not omit private data like Health data, Activity data, and Keychain, please make sure to tick the “Encrypt local backup”.


Step 4. If you do not want that part of the data, Click “Back Up Now” directly to create a backup.


Thus your iPhone 13 is safely backed up. Btw, if you want to back up your iPhone 13 selectively, you might as well use FoneTool; the features “Selective Backup” and “Photos backup” could help you. What’s more, the feature “Full Backup” is free to use.  With iTunes and professional iPhone backup tools, you could back up your iPhone without iCloud.

How to Restore iPhone 13, 14 selectively?

To restore your iPhone 13 from iTunes is feasible as well, but to some degree, it is not that convenient because sometimes users just want a part of their data but not the whole device.

Thus, to restore iPhone 13 data selectively, users could use MyRecover for iOS. Within just 3 steps, you could get back your iPhone 13 data.

Restore 10 types of iPhone data in 3 steps, including photos, videos, voice memos, etc. 
Restore deleted and missing data from iPhone/iPad/iPod, etc. 
Selectively retrieve wanted data very quickly in several minutes. 
Compatible with iOS10.0 and above, to iOS 15, 16. 
Support iPhone 6/7/8/X/Xr/12/13/14, etc.
Tips: Please keep the connection between your iPhone 13 to your computer in the process.
Download Software iOS 10 and later
Secure Download

Step 1. Install MyRecover Assistant for iOS on your PC, run the software, and then connect your iPhone 13 properly to your PC.


Step 2. Click “Scan Now” to commence the scanning process of your data.


Step 3. After scanning, all the detected data will be listed, go to “Photos” and select the photos you need, and click “Recover” to retrieve them.


Thus you have successfully managed to backup and restore iPhone 13 with ease.

Wrapping up

The methods to solve the problem “How do you backup and restore your iPhone 13?” have been introduced in detail in this article. To back up your iPhone 13, you have no need to hesitate to use iTunes;

To load backup on iPhone 13, in order to save your time and labor, you might as well use MyRecover Assistant for iOS, which can help you easily and securely perform iPhone 13 backup and restore.

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