(2024) How to Recover iPhone Data without Backup?

Users may become irritated and worried when their data is lost on their iPhone, but there is no need to fear; with the help of a third-party tool, users may easily recover their data.


By Lora / Updated on May 27, 2024

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Mobile devices including iPhones are stolen every second, causing data loss. As it is an issue we cannot get away from everlastingly, we would only swallow the bitter pill in silence and bite the bullet to buy another one.

However, Data loss on iPhones is still prevailing even not related to pilferage. Users may drop their iPhone into the water, accidentally delete files, drop it to the ground and find it impossible to turn on.

Users meet data loss on iPhones on so many occasions. It is such a disquieting issue to go through that no one who has encountered wants to experience it anymore. Here are some real users’ cases.


I deleted some chats a few days ago, how can I recover them? Any legit software metadata is hidden or remanent files, some software? Thx.


- Question from Reddit


I shot a video on my iPhone, however, the video got deleted and I can't find it anywhere. Is there any data recovery tool that can retrieve this video?


- Question from Reddit


In these cases, you may find that inadvertent deletion and water damage can lead to data loss. And one same thing between them is that they both don’t have a backup.

But fortunately, here we can turn to a professional legit third-party tool to recover iPhone data not backed up.


Before we move on to that, it is recommended to get some information about the iPhone data loss issue. For instance, how did data loss on iPhone happen, and is it possible to recover iPhone data without backup?

Overview of iPhone data loss issue

Getting a simple and brief impression of the data loss issue on iPhone before the solutions is a wise attempt. In this part, some common causes of loss of data on iPhone will be introduced, besides, the possibility of recovery will be presented as follows.

Common causes of iPhone data loss

So many reasons lead to data loss on iPhones. Check it out in the list below and see if you have met the same situation.

Pilferage. One of the utmost factors that data loss will occur is theft. After your iPhone is stolen, all your data is very likely to be wiped and you cannot find it back. So backup your important data to iCloud is a wise choice.

Accidentally deletion. Users may tap the “Delete” button inadvertently or they delete their files but find them still useful and quickly regret it.

iOS update. Some users updated their iPhone, for example, update iOS 15 to iOS 16. But when it finished, they found that all the data is missing, or they encountered a malfunction of the device and lose their data.

Physical damage. Dropping down to the ground or some hard surface suddenly may lead to severe damage to the iPhone.

Reset. Some users may reset their iPhones to factory settings. Maybe their iPhone becomes sluggish due to longtime use and they want to speed it up. And then the data is all gone.

Can I recover iPhone data without backup?

Then, is it feasible to recover data from restored iPhone without backup? Well, it depends. You have a slim chance of recovering your files if your iOS device is reset. If you have had water or physical damage, please contact the APPLE support service right away for assistance.

If your iPhone is infected with a virus, run an antivirus tool first, and then try to recover your data.

And generally speaking, when you found your data is gone, it is not actually gone immediately, instead, it is stored in your device but not visible in your sight.

But things will go worse if you continue to use your device and create some more data. Because of the space stored the deleted or lost data will immediately be overwritten, and then your data is gone eternally.

So the first line of action will be to cease using your device as soon as it occurs and seek assistance from trusted recovery software. The solution to data loss will be discussed in the following section.

How to recover iPhone data without backup?

When facing data loss caused by users’ own carelessness, update failure, or virus intrusion, instead of attempting to do some labor-costing remedy by yourself, you might as well leave it to the credible software. Here is a software recommendation—

MyRecover for iOS, is an awesome iPhone data recovery software. With its versatile features, it can facilitate users to get their precious data back effortlessly.

Here are the easy steps to operating MyRecover for iOS. Follow them to restore iPhone data without backup.

  • When connecting your iOS device to the computer, a prompt will come out saying “Trust This Computer?” click “Yes”.
  • Keep your iOS device properly connected to the computer during the whole process to avoid further data loss.
Download Software iOS 10 and later
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Step 1. Install MyRecover for iOS on your PC, then connect your iPhone to your PC.


Step 2. Click “Scan Now”. It may take several minutes, please wait in patience.


Step 3. All the recoverable data will be shown. Go to “Notes” and select the notes you need, then click “Recover”.


⚠️Notes: If you encounter data loss on storage device like USB, HDD, SSD, SD card, or hard drives on PC, MyRecover for PC can help you get data back easily.

To sum up

How to recover iPhone data without backup in a breeze? Users can seek assistance from the software described in this article.

However, instead of asking the same question, "Can I recover iPhone data without backup?" in the future, you should make a habit of backing up your data. You can use the software FoneTool to properly and wisely back up your iPhone data.

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