How to Recover Data from Restored iPhone without Backup?

Users may wonder how to recover data from restored iPhone without backup, here we offer a useful guide to help you out.


By Lora / Updated on June 13, 2023

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Can I recover photos from my iPhone after restore without backup?

Users set their iPhones to factory settings for plenty of reasons. Some of them found their iOS devices to become slower and slower; to improve their performance, so they restored their iPhones.

But, some failed, and what’s worse, they lost their data, and now they are haunted with the question “How to recover data from restored iPhone without backup?”


To understand this better, let’s take a look at a real case.

I restarted my iPhone 6 and it won't boot properly. (Stuck in apple logo). I made a hard reset and update using iTunes. I lost all photos and videos all the memories. Is there a way where I can recover all my photos and videos at least?

- Question from Apple Community

It seems that things are not always going completely well for all the users. Sometimes update failure can cause data loss, too. So, how to recover iPhone data after factory reset without backup?

Before coming to the most important part, it would be better to know some other causes of data loss on iPhone except restoring.

Common reasons for data loss on iPhone

Data loss does not always result from setting iPhone to factory reset. Users may desire to recover their iPhone data under so many circumstances except for trying to recover data from iPhone after factory reset.

Here are some other causes of iPhone data loss.

Stolen iPhone. The most common reason for data loss on iPhone is pilferage. Once your iPhone is stolen, call the police and try the “Find My” utility on the official site of Apple.

Inadvertent deletion. With impulse or carelessness, users might tap to delete their data, or they may regret their deletion and need to recover deleted data from iPhone.

Physical damage. Being incautious, users can drop their iOS device sometimes and it can get damaged, leading to data loss or severer results.

Update failure. If you run into any iOS update issues, you may get stuck at the Apple logo. As in the case given above, the iPhone may get restored and data is gone.

Having some knowledge about factors that leads to data loss, it is time to view how to recover iPhone after factory reset without backup.

How to recover data from restored iPhone without backup?

To settle this, it is strongly recommended to get helped with a powerful iPhone data recovery software. Here are the easy steps to operating Dr. Fone. Follow them to recover iPhone after factory reset without backup.

If this is the first time you connect your iOS device to your PC, a notice “Trust This Computer?” will show, click “Yes”.
In the process, keep your iOS device properly connected to the computer.

Step 1. Install and run Dr. Fone on your PC.


Step 2. Connect your iOS device to your computer. When your iPhone is detected, choose “Recover from iOS device”, then select the types of files you need, then click “Start Scan”.


Step 3. Then the scanning will begin, please wait in patience.


Step 4. After that, all recoverable data will be shown. Select the data you need and click “Restore to Device” or “Restore to Computer”.


Thus the data will be back successfully. The question of "how to recover iphone data after restore without backup" could be solved.

How to make a backup for your precious data?

To prevent a similar problem, it would be better if users form a habit of backing up data. Here two methods are prepared for users.

Method 1. Make a backup with iCloud

iCloud facilitates users to backup and restore your iPhones.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network first. Go to “Settings” > “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & APP Store” > “iCloud”.


Step 2. Go to “iCloud Backup”, then choose “Back Up Now” to create a backup.


Method 2. Make a backup with iTunes

If the iCloud storage space of your iPhone is running low, users could try to create a backup with iTunes. With an iTunes backup, you could restore notes from iTunes backup, as well as other important data.

Click “Trust” if the “Trust This Computer” prompt shows when connecting the iOS device. 
It is recommended to use an original lightning charging cable but a third-party one to avoid poor connection.

Step 1. Run iTunes and connect your iPhone via a charging cable.


Step 2. Tap the “iPhone” icon.


Step 3. Go to “Summary”, then choose “Back Up Now” to create a backup.



This page answers the question “How to recover data from restored iPhone without backup?” Users can get help here to recover iPhone after factory reset without backup; in addition, users can get to know some common causes of data loss on iPhones.

Furthermore, the methods to make backups of your valuable data are introduced in detail.

To tell the truth, backup can save your loss under most circumstances. It is wise for users to form a habit of backing up data regularly.

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