How to Factory Restore Lenovo ThinkCentre? (4 Ways Included)

You may want to factory restore Lenovo ThinkCentre for different reasons. This article will show you 4 ways to restore Lenovo ThinkCentre to factory settings in Windows.


By Delia Updated on December 20, 2022

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User case: I want to factory rest my Lenovo ThinkCentre


My Lenovo ThinkCenter Edge m93 is running Windows 8. Now, I want to reset my pc to factory settings but I have no idea about how to do that. Please let me know how to factory restore Lenovo ThinkCentre without losing original OS. Thanks!

Why do you want to perform Lenovo ThinkCentre factory restore?

Lenovo ThinkCenter is a line of desktop computers which designed, developed, and sold by Lenovo. It has different series and models like Lenovo ThinkCenter m720, Lenovo ThinkCenter Edge m93 and Lenovo ThinkCenter g570.

Sometimes, people may want to reset their Lenovo ThinkCenter g570, m720, etc. to factory settings for different reasons. For example, they may want to reset their PC owing to virus attack, driver failed to initialize, the program cannot find the service partition, F11 is not working and other errors on the computer.

4 common used ways to restore Lenovo ThinkCentre to factory settings

There are 4 ways to factory restore Lenovo ThinkCentre in Windows 10/8/7, which could also be used to reset Lenovo laptop like Lenovo IdeaPad 320 to factory default. 

You need to use an installation disc in the first way. If you don’t have this tool, please skip it. If you don’t want to reinstall the system or reimage the disk, you can go to the third way directly. If all the previous ways don't work, you can use the third-party software-AOMEI Backupper in the fourth way.

Note: Before restoring, you’d better backup your important files to an external hard drive because the following ways may cause data loss.

Way 1. Factory restore ThinkCentre with installation disc

If you set up a password for your Lenovo ThinkCentre but you forget it, you can use installation disc to avoid typing password.

1. Insert your installation disc, then, change the boot order to boot from the installation disc.

2. Press any key to boot from the disc when you see error message “Press any key to boot from CD /DVD” on screen.

3. Click Next in the installation screen.

4. Click Repair your computer >Troubleshoot > Reset This PC > Remove everything successively. In this way, you can reset PC without password.

Reset This PC

5. Select the Windows operating system.

6. Select the drive you want to reset. There are two options, including “Only the drive where Windows is installed” and “All drives”.

7. Select the way to reset your computer. There are two options, including “Just remove my files” and “Fully clean the drive”. Then, confirm and click Reset to start the pending process.

Way 2. Factory restore Lenovo ThinkCentre with a recovery drive

Since Windows 8, Windows has added a new feature to create a recovery drive. You can use this recovery drive to troubleshoot and reset your computer when your computer is in serious condition. A USB drive, CD or DVD can be used to create a recovery drive.

1. Insert your recovery drive and boot from it as shown in way 1.

2. Select Troubleshoot> Recover from a drive. Then, wait when you will receive a message like Getting things ready until the next window appears.

Recover from a Drive

3. Click Just remove my files or Clean the drive fully.

4. Click Recover to start the recovering process. It will take a while to finish and your PC will restart.

5. Follow the instructions to set up your Windows.

Way 3. Factory restore ThinkCentre with Lenovo OneKey Recovery

The Lenovo OneKey Recovery is a well-known recovery tool that can help you factory restore Lenovo ThinkCentre such as restoring Lenovo G50 to factory settings as long as you don’t reinstall the system or resize partition on the disk,

If your system is running normally in Lenovo computer, you could find this feature through Start > All programs > Lenovo > Lenovo OneKey Recovery. If your computer is unbootable, you need to use OneKey recovery in Lenovo laptop or desktop with Novo button. Novo Button is usually on the upper left corner of your keyboard nearby the Power button.

1. Press the Novo button for a few seconds and select System Recovery in the Novo Button Menu.

Recovery Novo

2. Select “Restore from initial backup” or “Restore from user’s backup” according to your needs.


3. Click Start and wait until the process is finished. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to configure the settings.

Way 4. Factory restore Lenovo ThinkCentre with AOMEI OneKey Recovery

Actually, many users report that Lenovo OneKey recovery is not working all the time. Therefore, you can select a third-party recovery tool as an alternative. I highly recommend you AOMEI OneKey Recovery Professional, which fully meets the requirements and could help you backup and recovery system without extra effort. And it has the following advantages:

  • Support almost all the operating systems, including Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista, server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019 and its R2 version.

  • Suitable for all branded computers, such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc.

  • Support changing the disk space of system drive and making full use of the unallocated space without affecting the recovery partition.

  • Support quick system recovery with a special keyboard key, F11 or A.

Now, download AOMEI OneKey Recovery Professional, install and launch it. Then, follow the steps below to restore Lenovo ThinkCentre.

1. Click on OneKey System Backup to do a system backup at first.

OKR Recovery

2. Click OneKey System Recovery.

OKR Recovery

3. Tick the second option Restore system by selecting a system image file to find your system image and click Next.

Restore From

4. Confirm that you want to restore your computer to factory settings and click Start Restore.

Confirm Restore

5. Wait until the process finishes and restart your computer.

Note: If you need the technical services to clients or UI customization, you can upgrade to AOMEI OneKey Recovery Technician or Customization.


To factory restore Lenovo ThinkCentre, all the above ways can help you. You can choose the most suitable way according to your situation. You can follow the first way to avoid typing password and the third way to avoid reinstalling the system. If you want to factory restore other brand computer or there is a possibility that you may change the disk space, you can choose AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

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