Top Two Ways to Let Dropbox Backup Specific Folders Easily

Here are two ways to let Dropbox backup specific folders. You could choose one way to follow according to your situation.


By Jonna Updated on September 27, 2023

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User Case: Can I Choose Which Folders to Backup with Dropbox?

"I'm using Dropbox on my Windows 10 laptop. Now, it only backs up a few user library folders like Desktop and Downloads. Is there a way to pick and choose which folders I want to backup with Dropbox?"

Dropbox is a well-known cloud file storage service that facilitates the uploading and sharing of files for seamless collaboration. However, Dropbox primarily syncs files and folders located within the designated Dropbox folder on your computer. Any folders located outside of the Dropbox folder will not be automatically synced to the Dropbox cloud. As a result, many users are seeking ways to let Dropbox backup specific folders, outside the Dropbox folder.

On this page, we will offer you how to backup specific folders to Dropbox in 2 easy and free solutions. One is relying on the Dropbox Backup feature and another is using reliable backup software. So let's begin.

Dropbox Backup Specific Folders

Dropbox Backup vs. Sync

Dropbox is widely recognized for its role as a synchronization tool, as opposed to being a specialized free cloud backup solution for PC. But what exactly sets Dropbox Backup apart from sync? Actually, when you sync your files using Dropbox, they become accessible across all your devices in realtime, ensuring seamless access and collaboration.

Conversely, Dropbox Backup elevates your data protection strategy by securely backing up entire folders and files from your computer or external hard drives to Dropbox cloud. This ensures that your critical data is safeguarded, and in the event of any mishaps, you can quickly recover your content.

How to Let Dropbox Backup Specific Folders in 2 Ways

Now, let's talk about the methods to backup folders to Dropbox, from C drive or other local & external disks.

Method 1. Use Dropbox Backup to Set up Specific Folder Backup

Dropbox Backup offers a convenient solution for automating the backup of your important files and folders from your computer and external hard drives to the Dropbox cloud. With this feature, have the flexibility to select which computer files and folders you’d like to back up.

Here is how to set up Dropbox Backup for making Dropbox backup specific folders:

Step 1. Begin by closing all open files and applications on your computer. Then, log in to the Dropbox desktop app.

Step 2. Locate the Dropbox icon in your taskbar and click on it. Then, go to Preferences.

Step 3. Click on the Backups tab, and select Set up.


Step 4. Select folders you wish to back up. You can also tap on Add folders to add other folders you want to back up.

Dropbox Select Folders to Backup

Step 5. After selected, you can choose to proceed with the setup using the Set up option or click Not now.

After backup, you can access your backed up files from and restore your backed up files and folders. To restore folders backup from Dropbox Backup, sign in to, click the grid icon in the top-left corner, click Backup from the menu that appears, and select folders you’d like to download, then click Download.

Dropbox Backup Download

Method 2. Backup Specific Folder to Dropbox with Professional Backup Software

Another alternative way to let Dropbox backup other folders from other locations is utilizing free backup software like AOMEI Backupper Standard. It is an all-in-one and powerful backup tool that allows you to backup any folder, disk, and even entire computer to Dropbox.

🔹With this tool, you can backup files/folders, as well as backup system, disks, or partitions as per your need.
🔹You can use this tool to backup folders to popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box, and it allows you to backup files and folders to external hard drive, local disk, NAS, network drive, etc.
🔹It allows you to automate your data backup, and you can set the backup frequencies as Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Event triggers/USB plug in.
🔹After backup, you have the option to restore individual files or folders, rather than restoring the entire backup.

The step-by-step tutorial on how to backup folders to Dropbox automatically is listed below. But before that, please take note of the following important points:

  • Ensure that your Dropbox account has sufficient storage space to accommodate the backup image. If not, your data backup will fail.
  • Download and install AOMEI Backupper Standard and Dropbox desktop app on your computer.
Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Run free backup software, and click on Backup and then File Backup.

File Backup

Step 2. Click Add Folder to select the folder you want to backup. You can tap + Add Folder to select multiple folders for backup.

Add Folders Files

Note: If you wish to exclude specific file types within a folder from the backup, you can utilize the Filter settings feature to backup files with certain file extension. Please note that advanced versions may be required to access this feature.

Step 3. Click the inverted triangle icon and choose Select a cloud drive to pick Dropbox as the destination.

Select a Cloud Drive


Step 4. To set up automatic backups to Dropbox, click on Schedule Backup and enable Schedule Backup to determine the needed backup frequency.

Schedule Settings General

Note: The default backup method on AOMEI Backupper is Incremental Backup to backup only changed files after the first full backup. It also provides Differential Backup in the Pro version.

Step 5. Then, click Start Backup to launch the progress.

To restore files from backup at any time when unexpected things happen, you can use the Restore option.

Select Task

In the End

Two ways of letting Dropbox backup specific folders are fast and safe. We highly recommend you download AOMEI Backupper and back up folders frequently with this tool, and you can use it to make Dropbox backup external drive with ease. It also helps you create disk clone to upgrade to a larger disk easily.

Besides, this software provides a Cloud Backup option to back up files to AOMEI Cloud, which gives 1TB of free cloud storage in 15 days when you register an AOMEI account.

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