How to Make Dropbox Backup Entire Computer│2 Best Ways

You can learn two easy ways to simply backup your entire computer to Dropbox. Keep reading to catch the detailed information and steps.


by Clytze Updated on October 25, 2022

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User case


How do I backup my entire computer to Dropbox?

How to take my computer backup? It shows only Desktop, Documents and Downloads options. I want to take my whole computer backup how to take. I purchase backup plan yearly 59.88 but unable to take backup. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

- Question from Dropbox Community

Dropbox Backup Entire Computer

Overview of Dropbox Backup: storage, pricing, features and limitations

Dropbox Backup provides an easy way to automatically back up your important files and folders on your computer (Desktop, Documents, and Downloads) and external hard drive, so you can keep your content safe.

As with any backup solution, its main purpose is not to back up, but to be able to actually restore your stuff in the event of a disaster or just accidental deletion of important files. The following section provides more details about Dropbox Backup.

Dropbox backup storage and pricing: The Dropbox Backup plan is a paid subscription that provides all the space you need to backup one computer and one external hard drive to Dropbox Backup. Dropbox Backup is available through any paid Dropbox plan as well as through a separate subscription plan.

Individual Backup


Unlimited backup storage for one computer and one external drive

Individual Plus


2,000 GB of secure storage

Individual Professional


3,000 GB of secure storage


  • With this service, you can use unlimited cloud storage to back up not only your Windows PC, but also external hard drives.
  • After the initial backup, any changes you make to these folders or their contents on your computer or external hard drive are also automatically updated in the Dropbox Backup.
  • If your local files are corrupted or accidentally deleted and not working properly, you can directly use cloud backup to restore them.

Limitations: For example, a good or bad network environment can directly affect the success or failure of backing up data in the cloud. In addition, there is only a single way to backup data with Dropbox, i.e. it does not support backing up other content on the disk, such as system configuration.

Moving on, in the following contents, let’s check the two simple solutions to backup computer to Dropbox together.

How to make Dropbox computer backup in 2 easy ways

In this section, you will be provided with 2 easy ways to finish Dropbox computer backup. You can choose whether to use Dropbox Backup desktop app or asking help from a professional third-party tool. Choose the one that works best for you according to your own needs.

Backup computer to Dropbox using its desktop app

Follow the steps below to backup files on your PC to Dropbox using its desktop application.

• Before setting up a backup, make sure to close all open files and applications on your computer.
• Disable any backups you have with other cloud storage providers (like iCloud, OneDrive, or Google Backup and Sync), or your backup may be failed.

Step 1. Download Dropbox desktop app on your computer, sign in with your Dropbox account or create one.

Step 2. Open your Dropbox desktop preferences, click the Backups tab, then choose Set up.


Step 3. Under Add a backup, select PC you’d like to backup. 

Step 4. Click Let’s get started.

Step 5. Check the boxes next to the folders you’d like to back up.

Step 6. Click Set up or Back up.

✄ Helpful tips:

While the backup is in progress, click View Progress to check the status of a current or previous backup. Click Prioritize Files and select a specific file in File Explorer to back it up immediately. Click Skip Files and select any files in File Explorer that you wish to exclude from the next backup.

Skip Files

Scroll down further to the section for Adjust Settings. Click Change Folders to include or exclude specific folders for the backup. Click Save.

Change Folders to Backup

Enable Dropbox backup entire computer with best cloud backup freeware

Another way to backup your computer to Dropbox is to use a professional third-party utility - AOMEI Backupper Standard. As the best free cloud backup software, it is known for its clear interface and user-friendly operation steps.

It can not only backup important files or folders, but also can backup the system related data or disks. Owning many features such as Backup, Clone, Sync, Tools, you can easily restore your computer to previous date once there’s something goes wrong. It supports all Windows operating systems such as Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista. It also has the following advantages.

 Not only Dropbox, you can use this tool to backup your computer files to other cloud devices such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and so on.
Full backup, incremental backup and differential backup are available. You are allowed to backup only modified files to saves much time and disk space using the latter two features.
It allows you to run automatic backup to set different backup frequencies such as Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. 

Next, I will show you how to backup entire PC to Dropbox in just a few clicks.

Before you backup computer to Dropbox:

  • To ensure that your computer is successfully backed up to Dropbox, you need to first confirm that there is enough storage space to save the backup image.
  • Download Dropbox Backup desktop application to your computer.
  • Then download and install AOMEI Backupper Standard and operate according to the following graphic tutorial.
Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Run this freeware, click Backup in the main interface, then click Disk Backup.

Disk Backup

Step 2. Click + Add Disk to choose the current system disk as source disk.

Add Disk

Step 3. Click the second box below to select your Dropbox folder as the destination path to store the disk image. Dropbox folder is probably located in C:\Users\UserName\Dropbox by default. Besides backing up to cloud drives, you are allowed to backup to a local disk, cloud services, external drives, USB flash drives NAS devices etc.

Select a Location

 Advanced settings to make a hassle-free backup:
To enable automatic backup, just click Schedule Backup in the lower left corner to run automatic backup at daily, weekly, monthly, Event triggers, and USB plug in. (You can enjoy the last two options in the Professional edition)
Options: You are allowed to modify the backup image, like compress, split, encrypt (in paid version), and comment on the backup image file, or set an email notification.
Backup Scheme (in paid version): It helps you manage your hard disk storage space in a scheduled backup task, which will delete old backup images automatically with selected cleanup methods to free up space.

Step 4. Press Start Backup to perform Dropbox computer backup.


That’s all about the best two ways of how to make Dropbox backup entire computer. Whether you use Dropbox Backup desktop app or make use of third-party backup software, either one will help you protect your contents effortlessly.

As an all-in-one data protection software, AOMEI Backupper offers a comprehensive range of features to many users. In addition to Backup, you can also benefit from its Sync, Clone, and Restore features. You can easily clone Windows 11 to another hard drive, or it can assist you solve 100 disk usage on Windows 11 issue.

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