By AOMEI / Last Updated July 11, 2019

Find a schedule tool

It will be quite handy especially for people who want to copy data between network or local drives to auto copy files from one folder to another. Although since Windows 8, there come various new features that were not available in previous iterations of the OS, many third-party software still go beyond this.

AOMEI Backupper, a professional and easy-to-use backup tool supporting different types of backup, clone, restoration and so on, has one utility called File Syncthat enables you to synchronize multiple folders or files to quickly update two folders in two different places could be your ideal solution.

Advantages of AOMEI’s File Sync

  • Powerful one-way schedule sync: As our topic mentioned, “File Sync” can auto copy files from one folder to another. Besides, there won’t be any image file.

  • Several schedule modes: More schedule modes are available in AOMEI Backupper compared with Windows built-in backup tool.

  • Sync to cloud drive indirectly: When you download a client of cloud storage drive, it will create installment directory. If you synchronize files to the corresponding directory, it’s equal to uploading documents to your cloud to some degree.

  • Sync to network: Most software don’t offer network backup/sync but AOMEI Backupper does, more convenient to share files with other people.

How to use File Sync?

AOMEI Backupper realizes automatic file synchronization as easy as pie while you need to download, install and launch this software first. Then, select File Sync under Backup tab.

File Sync

Click Add Folder to add files for sync.

Add Folder

In the pop-up window, you may change filter settings based on your demands too.

Click Filter

Afterwards, choose destination path. The destination can be a local drive, a removable device or NAS.

Share NAS

Next, in order to automatically transfer/move files from one folder to another, tick Schedule in the bottom. Set as you wish.

Schedule Settings Gerneral

By the way, Options offers email notification. At last, if there’s no mistake, click Start Sync to execute the operation.

Sync Settings

Please pay attention:

  • You can not auto copy files from one folder to CD-ROM/DVD/Blue-Ray.

  • A single file which is more than 4GB can’t be synchronized to FAT/FAT32 partition since FAT/FAT32 only supports a single file up to 4GB.

  • Two-way sync is not available yet.