Windows Server Backup Reading Data; Please Wait - Hangs Forever

July 4, 2019

You may meet that Windows Server Backup hangs on reading data; please waiting. Then, how to fix the error?

The Symptom

After installing Windows Server Backup onto your server, you try to open it to create a backup for the first time, but all your get is that Windows Server Backup reading data, please wait. Even you waited for several hours, it will not just load. This problem has occurred on Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 and Small Business Server 2011. If you happens to have this error, do not worry and you shall find the proper solution below.

Possible Reason and Solution

Generally, it is some services failed to work that caused Windows Server Backup hangs on reading data error. However, the specific reason that caused this problem is hard to detect. Therefore, you may try one or more of the steps to fix this error.

  • Run the Windows Server Backup application as administrator.
  • Use WBadmin command to backup instead of running the graphic backup application. Perhaps, it is only the graphic application that fails to load, but the backup program works fine.
  • Restart Windows search, Volume Shadow Copy, and COM+ System Application Service to see if it makes difference.
  • Disable SQL Server VSS Writer service, which has been proved one of the reasons that will lead to Windows Server Backup stuck please wait.
  • The final method is to restart your server, which will get everything restarted.

If you cannot take to turn off your server or it still no valid after these five steps, you may switch to third party backup software as a workaround.

Server backup software - AOMEI Backupper Server

AOMEI Backupper Server is a backup and restore tool that supports almost all Windows Server system including Windows Server 2008/2008 R2/2011/2012/2012 R2. It allows you to include system, disks, partitions, files and folders into the backup. You can keep multiple scheduled backup tasks to perform full/incremental/differential backups. It has integrated with automatic disk space management, you will never worry about your backup disk get full. Since Windows Server Backup hangs while loading, you can backup windows Server with AOMEI Backupper.

If you want to protect unlimited PCs and servers within your company, you may choose AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus. It offers unlimited billable technical services to clients. It also enables you to copy installation directory for portable version creation.

1. Download 30-day trial for free and run this server backup software.

2. Under “Backup” tab, click “System Backup”. If you need to backup the whole server hard drive, just select the “Disk Backup” instead.

System Backup

3. As the “System Backup” will automatically choose the needed items for server system restore, just click to select a destination location to save the image backup.

Select Destination Location

4. If you need a schedule backup, just click “Schedule” button to specify when you want to the backup to start. After all the settings are done, click “Start Backup” to run the server backup.

Start Backup

In a short while, AOMEI Backupper will finish creating a system image backup for your server. With the system backup, you can restore your server back or restore to dissimilar hardware when needed. AOMEI Backupper, with the concise interface, loads very fast. If you cannot fix the windows server backup reading data please wait proplem, AOMEI Backupper is your best choice to replace Windows Server Backup.