2 Workarounds to Create Windows Server 2022 Restore Point

Does Windows Server 2022 have restore points? Is there a workaround for this? If you have any questions about it or want to create one, you can read this article.


By Clytze Updated on December 14, 2023

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Does Windows Server 2022 Have Restore Point?

If you are reading this article, I'm sure you have this problem or want to create a restore point. But I'm sorry, the answer may disappoint you, as Windows Server 2022 does not have restore point. But it does not matter, Windows Server provides you with a workaround to create restore point. 

Before that, you need to learn the meaning of restore point, which helps you to better understand the workaround. 

What Is Restore Point?

A restore point is a part of the Windows system restore tool. It is also known as a System Restore Point. When you create a restore point, your computer will create a backup copy of all your data at that particular time.

If there are some problems with Windows update, driver or file system, you can use the restore point to restore your system and solve the problem. 

System Restore

Workaround for Windows system restore point 

In fact, the restore point is actually a snapshot at a specific time point, and Windows Server has a similar feature - system state backup. It generally includes a copy of any installed device drivers and related files, Windows Registry, Active Directory configuration and some system files.

So you can use it as a Windows Server 2022 system restore point if you want to create a snapshot quickly.

How to Create Windows Server 2022 Restore Point

Next, I will introduce you 2 workarounds to create Windows Server 2022 restore point in order, you can use Command Line, and Windows Server Backup. Consider the second one has an intuitive interface, it will be much easier. If you are novices or not familiar with command line, it's worth trying.

👉 Method 1. Create Windows Server 2022 Restore Point via Wbadmin
👉 Method 2. Create Windows Server 2022 Restore Point via Windows Server Backup
👉 More Powerful Ways to Create Windows Server 2022 Restore Point🔥

Method 1. Create Windows Server 2022 Restore Point via Wbadmin

The first method is to use the Wbadmin command-line tool to create a Windows Server 2022 restore point. And it is friendly for technical people as well as IT experts. 

Step 1. Click Start Menu and type cmd in the search box, then run command prompt as administrator.

Step 2. Type the following command and press Enter to execute system state backup.

wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backuptarget:X: -quiet



  • X: It means the drive letter of the partition you want to save your backup.
  • -quiet: It can undo the prompt before you start backup. If you do not type -quiet parameter, you will receive a prompt "Do you want to start the backup operation?" and you need to type Y to ensure that you want to perform this operation.

Method 2. Create Windows Server 2022 Restore Point via Windows Server Backup

Windows Server Backup is a built-in tool that provides users with backup and restore functions. Although it is a built-in tool, this software is not installed by default. You need to install it using Server Manager first and then follow the steps below to create a system state backup.

Step 1. Click Start >Administrative Tools >Windows Server Backup, then you will enter the main page of it. Click Backup Once... under the Actions tab.

Select Backup Type


If you want to create system state backup regularly, you can choose Backup Schedule…option and schedule a backup task once a day or more than once a day.

Step 2. Select Different options and click Next.

Different Options

Step 3. Choose the Custom option and click Next. 


Step 4. Click Add Items and select System State Backup in the Select items window. Then, click OK and Next to confirm you want to create a system state backup.

System State

Step 4. Select the destination path to save your backup. You can choose any local drive or save to network share.

Local Drive

Step 5. Click the drop-down list and select a backup destination to save the image.

Step 6. Confirm all your operations and click Backup to start the process.

Windows Server 2022 System State Backup

More Powerful Ways to Create Windows Server 2022 Restore Point 

The system state backup is a great workaround for Windows system restore point, but both of them only contain certain system files, not OS and all the boot files. So you cannot use it to restore Windows Server 2022 if it crashes or the disk is damaged.

To prevent this or any data loss in a disaster, you still need to create a system backup including OS, system files, installed programs, personal data, etc. Here I’ll introduce two pieces of potent backup software to you.

1. Standalone Server Backup Software

AOMEI Backupper Server is a good choice, and with it, you can enjoy the following advantages: 

  • Choose the way to back up the system: This software provides you with System Backup and Disk Backup to create a system image in Windows Server 2022. You can choose them depending on the capacity of the destination disk.
  • Backup system to different devices: It supports backing up system to local disk, external disk, HDD, SSD, USB drive, network, etc.
  • Schedule backup task flexibly: It allows you to set the fixed intervals for your backup with Daily/Weekly/Monthly, or use specific events in Event trigger and plug-and-pull backup feature -USB plug in.
  • Backup only changed files: It offers you 3 backup methods - Full, Incremental, and Differential Backups and the last two options only backup the changes of the backup task to save disk space.

After creating a system backup, you can easily restore Windows Server 2022 to new hard drive, even computer with different hardware. You just need to be sure the Universal Restore feature is checked. In addition, If your computer is not bootable, you just need to create a bootable disk with this software and then restore it normally.

Now, follow the steps below to create Windows Server 2022 system backup.

Step 1. Download AOMEI Backupper Server, install, and launch it. You can click Backup > System Backup.

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System Backup

Step 2. You don’t have to choose a source, the software has chosen it automatically for you. You just need to choose a destination for the system backup.

Select Backup Destination

Step 3. Confirm all your operations and click Start Backup to Create the system backup of Windows Server 2022. If your system has any problems, you can use it as a restore point to restore your Windows Server 2022.

Start Backup

There are some helpful backup settings you can set:

  • Options: It allows you to write comments, choose compression level and splitting way as well as set email notifications for your backup.
  • Schedule Backup: You can choose 5 different ways to do the scheduled backup, such as Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Event trigger/USB plug in. The easiest one is to use USB plug in feature if you backup Windows Server 2022 to USB drive.

Schedule Settings General

  • Backup Scheme: This feature will help you to save disk space by backing up only changed files or deleting older backups. By comparison, differential backup is safer, as it's relatively independent. If you select it, you can use By space cleanup methods to ensure there is always enough space for new backups.

By Space

2. Centralized Server Backup Program

AOMEI Cyber Backup provides a convenient and reliable solution for centralized backup management of all Windows operating systems.

  • It enables you to create a system image, disk image or partition image for client Windows PCs and Servers.
  • You are allowed to save backup images on a local disk, external hard drive, network share or NAS device, etc.
  • You can schedule a backup task to run every day/week/month using the full/incremental/differential backup method.
  • It also allows you to backup Hyper-V, VMware, and SQL databases.

Download this powerful enterprise backup software now to try it out!

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To make backups for client computers, just log in AOMEI Cyber Backup, and add the Windows device that you want to backup. Then click Backup Task on the left menu bar and select Backup Task Create New Task.

Create New Task

🌟 Notice:

If you don’t know how to choose between AOMEI Backupper and AOMEI Cyber Backup, check the comparison table on page Windows Server Backup.


This article describes 2 workarounds and one more powerful way to create a Windows Server 2022 restore point, you can select one of them based on your needs. For a quick snapshot, try Wbadmin or Windows Server Backup. For system safety, you'd better use AOMEI Backupper Server. It is easy to operate and has the ability to restore system backup to new hard drive, even computer with different hardware. Also, you can restore system whether your computer is bootable or not.

To protect unlimited PCs and servers within your company, AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus may be a good choice. It not only provides unlimited billable technical services but also enables you to copy the installation directory for portable version creation. You can download it to explore more features.

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