How to Move Files from OneDrive to PC in Windows 11 Easily

This article will provide the easiest way to help you understand how to move files from OneDrive to PC in Windows 11, and that's is to use free file synchronization software.


By Miya Updated on December 29, 2023

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User Case: How Do I Move All Files from OneDrive to My Drive?

“Hey, folks! Quick one—anyone knows the smoothest way to shift files from OneDrive to my PC on Windows 11? Using a Dell Inspiron here, and I'm kinda new to this. Appreciate the help! #TechHelp #Windows11 #OneDriveTransfer.” – Sunny Bonnell

OneDrive, the handy Microsoft service, makes storing and sharing files a breeze. It's not just about syncing your PC to OneDrive; sometimes, you gotta bring those OneDrive files back to your computer. Why? Well:

◉You're bouncing between computers and need easy access.

◉Teaming up and want the latest from a shared OneDrive.

◉Covering your bases with a local copy, just in case.

So how to move files from OneDrive to PC on Windows 10/11? I've got one easy way to let you know how to move files from OneDrive to PC in Windows 11!


How to Move Files from OneDrive to PC on Windows 11 Easily

In this section, I will provide the easiest method to help you understand how to move files from OneDrive to PC in Windows 11 via free file synchronization software.

AOMEI Backupper Standard stands out as a robust backup and synchronization tool designed for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista systems. This versatile program not only facilitates the synchronization of OneDrive files between your PC and the cloud but also extends its support to various storage mediums such as external hard drives, USB drives, other cloud platforms, and NAS devices, serving as both source and destination.

Effortlessly organize your data by configuring multiple synchronization tasks concurrently and establishing diverse schedules for automatic execution. Upon upgrading to the Professional edition, you gain the ability to achieve real-time synchronization of any changes between the source and target, fostering seamless data flow between two locations.

AOMEI Backupper

Best free Windows file sync software for personal use.

Consider this example for how to move files from OneDrive to PC in Windows 11:

Step 1. Initiate the free file synchronization software, select Sync from the left pane, and opt for Basic Sync.

Basic Sync

Step 2. Select Add Folder. Locate the OneDrive folder on your computer, then choose the specific folder you wish to synchronize. You have the flexibility to repeat this action for multiple folders.

☛ In the Pro edition, utilize the funnel icon situated on the right side of the selection box to include or exclude files with specific formats from the synchronization process.

Add Folder

Step 3. Where you can designate any location on your computer as the target directory. Additionally, alternative destinations such as removable devices or cloud drives are at your disposal.

☛ Network location: Expand the triangle adjacent to the selection box > Choose a network location > Add Share or NAS Devices
☛ Another cloud drive: Expand the triangle beside the selection box > Choose a cloud drive

Step 4. Initiate the sync immediately by clicking Start Sync or establish a schedule to automate the task at specified intervals, including daily, weekly, monthly, upon event triggers, or USB plug in.

Enable or Disable Schedule Sync

✎ Tips:
To synchronize local files with OneDrive, simply choose the source and target directories accordingly. AOMEI Backupper empowers you to automatically sync any files to OneDrive, extending beyond the confines of the Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders.
If your objective is to back up OneDrive data to your computer or other devices as an image file, opt for Backup > File Backup. This method creates an image file that consumes less storage space, although it cannot be directly utilized.

✎ Advanced Sync Modes:
Beyond scheduled automatic synchronization, you can upgrade to advanced editions, it offers three additional modes. For the sake of clarity, let's designate the source directory as A and the destination folder as B.
Real-Time Sync: Synchronize changed files from A to B in real-time, without the need for a schedule. The task runs automatically upon detecting changes in A.
Mirror Sync: Maintain an exact replica of the files in B as in A. Any inadvertent changes made to B will be erased during the subsequent synchronization. This mode requires a scheduled automatic run.
Two-Way Sync: Synchronize changes made in either A or B to the other side, encompassing both A to B and B to A. This mode also necessitates a scheduled automatic run.


Facilitating the synchronization of OneDrive to your computer expedites access to updated cloud files with ease. Simultaneously, syncing local folders to OneDrive proves crucial in mitigating potential data loss arising from system or hard drive failures.

Despite the availability of a desktop app for these tasks through OneDrive, certain limitations exist. For a more effective and flexible solution, especially when coordinating file syncs between OneDrive, computers, other cloud drives, and removable devices, consider employing AOMEI Backupper Standard to get how to move files from OneDrive to PC on Windows 11.

This software extends beyond mere synchronization, providing backup and clone features. Users can back up their PC to cloud drives, external hard drives, NAS, etc., or transfer the operating system to another hard drive. If you possess an AOMEI account, the option to back up essential files to AOMEI Cloud is also available. Don't hesitate to explore its capabilities!

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