Backup and Restore Files in Windows 10 with Memeo Instant Backup

You will learn how to backup and restore files using Memeo Instant Backup. If it is not working, try more reliable software.


by Ivy Updated on October 24, 2022

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What is Memeo Instant Backup?

Memeo Instant Backup is a backup solution for Windows PCs, like Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP. It allows you to backup almost the files in C: drive to external hard drive, USB flash drive, or network device.  

Generally, Memeo Instant Backup included in Seagate GoFlex, GoFlex Desk, Turbo and GoFlex Home hard drives help you to backup data on the primary drive except for program files, temporary files, log files, virtual hard drive files and the Windows System folder to Seagate GoFlex drive.

Memeo Instant Backup Main Window

How to use Memeo Instant Backup in Windows 10

Here I'll introduce you to backup and restore files in Windows 10 with Memeo Install Backup. If you don't know how to perform this operation, please keep reading below.

Backup files in Windows 10 with Memeo Instant Backup

☝Note: Memeo Instant Backup will automatically choose the external storage device as the destination disk to save the backup image after connecting external storage devices to your computer.

Step 1. Open Memeo Instant Backup after installing, and then create your free Memeo account.

Step 2. Select a destination path to save the backup file. 

Memeo Instant Backup Destination

Step 3. Click Start Backup to backup files with Memeo Instant Backup. You will be told the backup has started. And any new or changed files will automatically be backed up in the future, No scheduling required.

Memeo Instant Backup Your Initial Backup Has Started


  • You could tap encrypt my backup in Advanced Options to prevent unauthorized access. Go Advanced Options -> Encrypt my backup -> input your password to set password for the backup image, click OK to save settings. 

Advanced Options Set Password

  • Sometimes, you might find that the Memeo Instant backup is not working, for example, it may crash or get stuck during the backup process. This reason may be your free trial has expired if you installed a free trial version of Memeo Instant Backup, now just buy and get a license to fix it.

  • After click Start Backup button to backup files, you could click View Backed Up Files or the big hard drive icon, it will open the stored location automatically, now you could see where the backup files stored. It’s highly recommended to not move or modify the files on the location to prevent the issues while restoring them.

  • If you want to backup files to Seagate hard drive, you could open Instant Backup from the Seagate Dashboard (you have to Install Seagate Dashboard first), then follow the above steps to backup files in C: drive.

Restore Files in Windows 10 using Memeo Instant Backup 

1. Open Memeo Instant Backup application, click Restore button on the main window or go to toolbar. 

Memeo Instant Backup Restore

2. Then, select Actions -> Restore Files.

3. Choose a file backup created by Memeo Instant Backup to restore. Then, click Next.

4. Click Yes to restore the latest backup to the original location. Also, you could tick No option, then click Browse to select another location to save the restored files.

5.  Finally, click Restore to start the recovery process. After finished, you will get RESTORE COMPLETE message.

Memeo Instant Backup not working for all situations

Although this program gives you a basic backup solution, you may should be attention to these limitations:

  • The program files, temporary files, log files, virtual hard drive files and the Windows System folder are not backed up.

Memeo Instant Backup Not Backup Files

  • Backup to clouds, like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. are not allowed.

  • Memeo Instant Backup not backup entire hard drive, System files associated with Windows 7/8/10, etc. 

From above, you may find the Memeo instant backup is not working all situations, so if you want to backup all files, system, disk, partition, try more flexible Windows backup software - AOMEI Backupper Professional. And it supports all the recognized device, including local hard drive, external hard disk, NAS, network share, CD/DVD, cloud drives, etc.

More flexible Windows backup software to backup all files 

Besides backup types and destination, you still can enjoy many backup or restore features to protect data continuously. 

  • It supports 2 file backup methods, namely file backup and cloud backup
  • It supports daily, weekly, monthly schedule backup, so you can keep all the changes in a scheduled task.
  • It minimizes the disk space you will use with incremental backup, normal compression, automatic splitting, etc. And all of them are default features, you don't make an extra effort.
  • It is capable of creating bootable USB or CD/DVD to boot computer in a disater and then get your files back quickly.
  • Besides backup, it allows you to restore files from backup, even selective file restore - restore files from system, disk, or partition backup. 

Now follow the instructions below to backup your files to external hard drive. For server users, try AOMEI Backupper Server.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Run AOMEI Backupper Professional after the installation. Then, select Backup -> File Backup.

File Backup

Step 2. Change the Task Name as you wish. Click + Add Folders or + Add Files, and then browse to select the folders or files to backup. Then click OK.

Add File Or Folder

☝Tip: you could modify the Filter Settings (supported by professional version) to exclude folders or files or choose the file type to backup. Please refer to automatically backup files with a certain file extension.

Step 3. Select the destination path to save the backup image file. 

Start Backup

✍ Options: you can comment, split, compress the backup image, or run the specified program/script before/after the backup, enable email notification, etc.
Schedule Backup: you can set up an automatic backup based on Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Event triggers, or USB plug in.
Backup Scheme: enable the option to create full or incremental or differential backup and delete old backup images automatically as settings to manage the disk space.

Step 4. Then click Start Backup to backup all files you want. 

Wait for a moment, you will get all the specified files backed up. You could restore individual files or part of files with the selective files restore by mounting the backup image as your hard drive if needed. 

Beside file backup, you still can sync files to external hard drive, USB drive, network drive, NAS, etc. It will keep the file structure as it was. 


Memeo Instant Backup in Windows 10/8/7 is helpful for you to backup and restore files, but it cannot backup all files, disk, system and partition. And the backup destination is restricted. Thus, it's suggested to try one more flexible backup software - AOMEI Backupper.

With it, you can backup any items you want and save them to any recognized device by Windows. And it makes the backup task automatically and minimizes the disk usage as much as possible. Furthermore, it offers you the quick recovery method - cloning to migrate Windows 10 operating system or transfer entire hard drive to larger HDD/SSD, etc. 

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