Best Free Backup and Sync Software for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Looking for the best backup and sync software to help you backup and sync files in Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7? AOMEI Backupper can be your ideal choice. You can read on to learn detailed information.


By Lily Updated on August 21, 2023

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The case: looking for Windows backup and sync software

Best backup software for Windows

I need to install backup software on a Windows 10 laptop and on a Windows 7 laptop. The software needs to: 1. Backup to a USB external HDD. 2. Automatically backup on a set schedule, once a week. 3. Delete old backups when space runs out on the HDD. Which software is recommended there?

File sync software suggestions?

Hello, I need a free program that checks folder A (and all subfolders) and copies changes across to folder B (and subfolders). It should be reliable (i.e not crash in the middle of a sync job), do the job accurately and have a relatively simple interface.
I have been using FreeFileSync for a while now which does this well but with the amount of adware being bundled of late. I am looking for an alternative. Any suggestions?

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Nowadays, more and more people realize the importance of backup and would like to have a backup for their crucial data. If you have suffered from data loss caused by human error, hard drive crash, virus attack and the like, you may be eager to find a reliable backup program as well.

What’s more, there is a great demand for file sync software that can help copy files between two folders, two drives, or even two computers. Shall we use two tools - one for backup and one for sync, or one tool is enough? Please read on.

Best backup and sync software for Windows 11/10/8/7

It would be great if there is a program that combines the backup and sync functions. AOMEI Backupper Standard, the best free Windows backup and sync software, is such a tool you are looking for.

Backup features

  • It allows you to backup the operating system, an HDD/SSD, a specified partition or individual files/folders. You can backup files/folders to AOMEI Cloud if you have an AOMEI account.

  • It is embedded with the Schedule feature that enables you to perform daily/weekly/monthly backup.

  • It offers various backup options, including email notification, image compression, and backup priority, etc.

Sync features

  • It supports syncing files between various locations, such as sync a laptop and a desktop, sync two external hard drives and so on.

  • It allows you to sync PC files to NAS devices or cloud service and vice versa. All kinds of NAS devices (WD, Seagate, Synology, etc.) and various cloud drives (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, SugarSync, hubiC and Cloudme) are supported.

  • It can sync changed files from the source directory to the destination directory automatically if you enable sync schedule.

You don’t need to worry about your computer know-how, because AOMEI Backupper has a user-friendly interface. Download and install it on your PC right now!

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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How to backup or sync files in Windows 10 easily

In this part, I’ll show you how to do file backup and file sync in Windows 10 separately:

Backup files to USB on Windows 10

1. Connect the target USB drive to your computer. Run this free backup software for Windows 10, click Backup > File Backup.

File Backup

2. Edit the task name based on your need. Then, click Add Folder or Add File to choose the folders or files you want to backup.

Add Folders/Files

3. Choose the USB drive as the destination path to store image files. You are also allowed to backup to a local disk, an external hard drive, and a network location, etc.

Select Destination

4. Confirm your settings and click Start Backup to proceed.

Start Backup

✎ Tips:
● You may click Schedule (Daily/Weekly/Monthly to set up an automatic backup to keep the backup version up-to-date. Its Backup Scheme feature allows you to choose different backup methods (Full/Incremental/Differential backup) and enable automatical backup cleanup function to save disk space. To enjoy Differential backup method and cleanup feature, you need to upgrade to the advanced version.
● If you want to restore to a previous version or recover lost files, just click Restore > Select Task/Select Image File and follow the wizard to finish the process.

Sync files to another folder on Windows 10

1. Launch the free sync software for Windows 10, click Sync and select Basic Sync.

Basic Sync

✎ Tip: Basic Sync is one-way sync actually. If you want changes to be synced from the source folder to the destination folder and vice versa, you may perform Two-Way Sync in higher editions.

2. Name the sync task if needed. Then, click Add Folder to select the folder to be synchronized. You are able to select multiple folders as source folders in one sync task.

Add Folder

3. Select another folder to keep the synced files. The destination folder can be located on a local/external disk, an NAS device or a cloud drive.

Select Sync Destination

4. Click Schedule to run automatic sync if necessary. Review your settings and click Start Sync.

Start Sync


If you are in need of free backup and sync software for Windows 11/10/8/7, AOMEI Backupper is the best choice. It can meet all your needs with respect to backup and sync, such as create system image on USB and sync local folders to OneDrive. Why not give it a shot?

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