By AOMEI / Last Updated November 7, 2019

In view of the experience that users often worry about the data loss when they had to reinstall the XP operating system, many of them have thought out a method to work it out. That is to backup system drive into one image file before, and then use it to restore to the intact condition.

Frankly speaking, this is a fairly perfect solution. If we come across the system crash caused by low disk space problem, line fault, physical failure, or hackers and viruses attack or other unexpected incidents, we will fell at loss mostly because there are no warnings or prompts before and we also have no time to make a preparation. But if with a previous backup, we can face it at leisure. Because by restoring, every thing will return to the normal track again.

However, the Windows built-in backup utility can not satisfy all users' demand. For example, different versions of XP are not compatible for backup function. In other word, if we want to use the Windows Backup from a XP Home computer to newly install a XP Pro one, the recovery could not be completed automatically and totally unless with the floppy drive which is almost extinct. Meanwhile, if we want to save the image files of system partition or disk to a CD/DVD, the snap-in tool also can not play a big role.

As a result, we should find a better way to achieve this goal. The AOMEI Backupper is just a very good choice for us.

Windows XP backup software to keep system and data safe

Depended on our preferences, AOMEI Backupper comes up to us along with a friendly and easy-to-operate interface. It not only makes up for the defect of built-in tool but also has other advanced features. It permits to image system partition to one CD/DVD or several if needed. It also provides us multiple methods to accomplish our task, such as backup system partition and clone disk with system in.

Besides, if we want to image the added files only after the first full backup, the incremental one and differential one can give a great help. That means, in the time of protecting computer continuously, we users also have saved lots of time.

So if you want to back up all files in your partition or all data on your hard drive to an image file, or if you need to take precautions for your data safety, please use this magic Windows XP backup program, you will enjoy it really. Download here!