Backup Freeware for Windows 2003 Server System State

December 25, 2014

There are countless backup freeware for Windows 2003 Server system you could find on the market. For Windows Server 2003 system backup, we recommend you to use third-party software instead of Windows built-in backup program.

Backup Windows Server 2003 system state with its built-in backup program

If you are a Windows operating system user, no matter which system you are suing, Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 7 or Windows 8, the Windows built-in backup and restore utility would permit you to perform backup and recovery for your computer. Make Windows Server 2003 as an example, you can do backup and restore for your system state, files, hard disk/partition and computer settings for your Server with the Windows Server 2003 built-in backup program.

Three steps to run Windows backup program easily:

  • Step1: Open Start Menu to choose All Programs, and then select Accessories.
  • Step2: As a result of Step 1, you will see a new menu, find and click System Tools.
  • Step3: Please access Backup option in the System Tools menu.
Backup Wizard

Note: if you are not in the mood for the tedious and endless steps listed above, you can just try another method which is pretty simple. Please run “ntbackup” command by cmd.exe to open Backup or Restore Wizard program

Backup freeware for Windows 2003 Server system

In addition to Windows built-in backup utility, we also can employ backup freeware for Windows 2003 Server backup. In most cases, third-party software works more frequently and more effectively than Windows built-in backup program. Besides, third-party software is more easy to use, the comprehensive features such as encryption and compression are beyond the Windows backup program’s ability to match with. As for which program could make the best one for you or for your Server 2003 system should depend on your wise and preference. For me, I would like to choose AOMEI Backupper.

AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper is a professional backup freeware for windows 2003 server. It provides three major backup options, namely, Disk Backup, Partition Backup and System Backup. When people mentioned backup Server 2003, it is normally taken to mean backing up Windows Server 2003 system state, in such condition, the System Backup feature which is provided by AOMEI Backupper is best strategy. For more detailed information how to backup Windows system state please refer to: How to Do a System Backup.