Why Can’t I Get iOS 15/16/17/18: Reasons and 7 Top Fixes

When you find you can't get iOS 18, just find answers and fixes in this article. Hope you can solve the problem efficiently!


By May / Updated on July 8, 2024

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Unable to Update to iOS 18

I have been unable to install iOS 18 on my phone. Why can't I get iOS 18? What should I do to update to iOS 18 successfully?

- Question from Apple Community

Unbale To Install Ios 15

With the release of iOS 18, many users are scrambling to upgrade to the latest operating system to experience its various new features. But unfortunately, some users found that they could not get iOS 18. On this page, we will explore and share the reasons why for cannot upgrade to iOS 18 and solutions to this question.

Why Is iOS 18 Not Available on My Phone?

The following are some possible causes for the inability to install and update iOS 18 on iPad and iPhone:

  • Your device is low on battery.
  • The Internet connection is not stable.
  • Your iPhone storage is full and it is insufficient to accommodate the iOS 18 update.
  • There is an iOS beta version on your phone.
  • The phone is not supported to upgrade to iOS 18.

7 Quick Fixes to Cannot Get iOS 18

Cannot get a new mobile operating system is quite common when you try to upgrade to iOS 18. In the following content, we have listed 7 quick fixes. Let’s have a look at it.

Solution 1. Ensure Your Battery Is Charged

When your iPhone device is low on power, it may cause the iOS 18 to be unable to verify updates. You can connect your device to a power source and try the upgrade again. The caveat is that you cannot get iOS 18 in Low Power Mode. If you are in Low Power Mode, please turn it off with the steps below.

Head to Settings on your phone and select Battery to deactivate it.

Turn Off Low Battery Mode

Solution 2. Check Your Internet Connection

iOS 18 update requires a stable network connection. So, it is better to get connected to Wi-Fi when performing the iOS 18 update. If you are using data, you could turn off your airplane mode and leave it few seconds, and then turn it on to fix your poor internet condition.

Turn On Off Airplane Mode

Apart from that, there is a possibility that the wrong network settings result in can’t get iOS 18 update. You can fix the iOS update not connected to internet by resetting network settings: click iPhone Settings, select General, and then Reset, tap on Reset Network Settings to input your password to get it.

Reset Network Settings On Iphone

Solution 3. Reboot the Device

Forcing to reboot the iPhone is a feasible method to solve the “why can’t I get iOS 18” problem as well.

If you are running on iPhone 8 and later models and iPads:

Quickly press and release the Volume Up position, press and quickly release the Volume Down button, and press and hold the Side button to drag the slide to power off. Then, wait for seconds to run your device again.

If you are running on iPhone 7/7 Plus:

Press and hold the Volume Down button and the Sleep/Wake button until the slider appears. Then, drag the slider to turn your iPhone off.

If you are running on iPhone 6s or iPhone SE:

Press both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously and release both buttons when the Apple logo appears.

Hard Reset Iphone

Solution 4. Remove Beta Version

Have you ever installed an iOS beta version on your phone before? If yes, please clear the beta-related configuration files before trying to update iOS 18.

Step 1. Open Settings on your phone, select General and click Profiles & Device Management.

Step 2. Hit iOS Beta Software Profile > Remove Profile.

Delete iOS 15 Beta Profile

Step 3. Restart your device and get an iOS update then.

Solution 5. Check the Compatibility of Your iPhone

The iOS 18 supported devices include iPhone 15/15 mini/15 Pro/15 Pro Max, iPhone 14/14 mini/14 Pro/14 Pro Max, iPhone 13/13 mini/13 Pro/13 Pro Max, iPhone 12/12 mini/12 Pro/ 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/, iPhone Xs/Xs Max/Xr/X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone SE (1st/2nd/3rd generation), iPod touch (7th generation). If you are using an iPhone 6, iOS 18 could not be supported.

Solution 6. Get iOS 18 through iTunes

Using iTunes to update your phone is one of the effective ways to solve the “why can’t I get iOS 18 update” issue. Please follow these steps to keep your device up to date.

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to the computer and then launch iTunes.

Step 2. Click on the Device tab, tap on Summary, then press Check for Update.

Update To Ios 14 Via Itunes

Step 3. If the iPhone update is available, click Download and Update to get and install it.

Solution 7. Make Sure There Is Available Free Storage Space

Not enough storage space to accommodate the downloaded iOS 18 is also one of the ordinary causes of the "why can't I update to iOS 18" issue. In this case, you can delete some pictures, videos, and apps to free up space on the phone If all files on the iPhone are important, you can back up your device and then delete data to make room for it. And, it is known to all that regular backups for photos, messages, contacts, etc. on the phone are necessary.

To make phone backup easier, it is recommended to use an easy-to-use iOS backup freeware, FoneTool. With a user-friendly interface, this tool allows you to back up your iPhone with one click and restore backups whenever you want.

Flexible backup: It allows you to create backups for iPhone fully/selectively for photos, videos, music, messages, and contacts.
Remove duplicate photos in 1-click: Its photo deduplication feature makes finding and removing duplicate photos on iPhone an easy task.
Wide Compatibility: It supports all iOS devices including iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/X/8/7/6, iPad 9/8/7, iPad Pro 2021/2020, iPod Touch 8/7/6, and so on.

Click the Download Freeware button below to install FoneTool and learn how to back your iPhone using it with the following instructions:

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Plug in iPhone to PC and launch the program.

Step 2. Click Phone Backup on the left and choose Selective Backup.

Custom Backup

Tip: With the Full Backup option, you can fully backup iPhone data and Settings with one click. 

Step 3.  Select the icon you want to backup, choose the files for backup, and click OK.

Only Photos Or All

Select Files

Step 4. Select backup Storage Path for your backed-up data and click on Start Backup to backup iPhone data simply.

Click Backup

Final Thoughts

Now, you know the general reasons why can’t I get iOS 18 and 7 proven fixes to this issue. You can troubleshoot it with the solutions foregoing and get the iOS 18 upgrade without any hassle.


1. How do I check if my device is eligible for iOS 18?

Visit Apple's official website or check in your device's settings under "Software Update" to see if iOS 18 is available for your device model.

2. What should I do if I can't download iOS 18 over the air?

Ensure you have a stable internet connection and sufficient storage space on your device. You can also try updating through iTunes or Finder on a computer.

3. Will updating to iOS 18 erase my data?

It's recommended to back up your data before updating. iOS updates generally preserve user data, but it's a precautionary measure to avoid any loss.

4. Why does my device say "Software Update Failed" when trying to install iOS 18?

This could be due to network issues, insufficient storage, or server problems. Try updating again later or use a different method (like iTunes/Finder).

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