By Lena / Last update August 10, 2021

Why Need iTunes Alternative for iPod?

iTunes is the official mobile device management utility developed by Apple Inc. As an iPod touch user, you probably use it a lot to help you sync your songs. However, iTunes is one bulky and slow software - anyone who has used iTunes will not disagree. Not to mention that iTunes lacks quite a few essential features that make it not that easy to manage your iPod. For example,

● iTunes can only help you sync songs to iPod but does not support iPod to computer transfer.
● iTunes only allows you to backup/restore all data - you can't just select the needed files to backup/restore.
● When syncing items to iPod or performing a restore, it will delete all existing data, which will result in data loss.

In a nutshell, iTunes has quite a few disadvantages and doesn’t meet all your needs for managing your iPod touch. So is there an alternative to iTunes for iPod touch? The answer is Yes!

iTunes is not the only option for iPod management. Since the introduction of Apple products, developers around the world have developed a wide range of third-party management tools to help users manage their devices. Although you still need iTunes to update the firmware, you can use iTunes alternative for iPod to transfer and back up your data more easily.

Best iTunes Alternative for iPod touch

There are many iTunes alternatives for iPod touch and here we will introduce the best one - AOMEI MBackupper. It’s one professional iOS data management tool developed by a team who is focused on data security for more than 10 years. The team constantly upgrades the software according to user needs.

★ Data Transfer Feature

AOMEI MBackupper lets you freely transfer data between iPod touch and computer, between iPod touch and other iPod touch/iPhone/iPad.

→ Transfer between iPod touch and Computer

It helps you transfer songs, photos and videos from computer to iPod touch and the reverse transfer is also supported. It’s possible to transfer non-purchased music from iPod to computer.

You are allowed to preview and choose the items you need before the transfer. In addition, it will not erase any existing data on your device during or after the transfer.

How to make it: Run AOMEI MBackupper and plug in iPod touch > Click Transfer to Computer or Transfer to iPod touch option > Select the items you need and click Transfer.

Choose Photos

→ Transfer between Two iDevices

Besides selective transfer, you can also choose to transfer all data with one click. It can help you transfer your photos, contacts, call history, text messages, memos, calendars, Safari (history, bookmarks), applications (data files, preference), system settings.

How to make it: Connect two devices to computer > Click iPhone to iPhone Transfer option > Confirm the source device and target device and click Start Transfer.

Start Transfer

★ Data Backup Feature

AOMEI MBackupper provides an easy and efficient backup strategy. You can choose to backup selected data or make a full backup for your iPod touch.

→ Selective Backup

● You can backup/restore photos, music, videos, contacts and messages selectively.
● The incremental backup will backup newly added data only to save time and space.
● The backup files can be restored to any iDevice and it will not erase any existing data.

How to make it: Plug in iPod touch > Click Custom Backup > Click the icon to choose the data you want to backup > Click Start Backup.

Click Backup

→ Full Backup

The Full Backup will backup all content and settings and is equivalent to iTunes backup.

How to make it: Plug in iPod touch > Click Full Backup option > Choose Full Backup > Select the backup path and click Start Backup.

Start Backup

★ Data Erase Feature

AOMEI MBackupper can also help you wipe your iPod touch. It will deeply scan and erase all deleted and existing data, making it 100% irrecoverable. This way, you can give your device to others without worrying about data leakage.

How to make it: Plug in your device > Choose Erase iPod touch option > Select Deeply erase data to prevent recovery and click Erase iPod touch.

Begin Erase

As you can see from above, AOMEI MBackuper is a good iTunes alternative for iPod touch. It can help you backup device and transfer files to device, just like iTunes, but simpler.

In addition, it has many features that are not supported by iTunes. For example, selective backup and restore, iDevice to computer transfer, iDevice to iDevice transfer, etc. With AOMEI MBackupper, you can always put your important data in the right place. Go for it now and discover more!

AOMEI MBackupper Free Download


iTunes is not the only tool for iOS data management. The best iTunes alternative for iPod - AOMEI MBackupper can help you backup and transfer data in an easier, quicker, and safer way. Try it yourself and share your feelings in the comments section!