8 Solution to iTunes Freezes When iPod is Connected in Windows 10

Sometimes, you may find iTunes freezes when you try to connect your iPod with Windows computer. Don’t worry, this post will explain why does itunes freezes and demonstrate 8 methods to solve this problem.


By Dylan / Updated on June 7, 2024

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Why does iTunes freeze when I connect to my iPod?

iTunes is a media player and media library designed by Apple. Meanwhile, iTunes can also help users to transfer music from computer to iPod or iPhone. However, sometimes, you may find your iPod is unable to connect to a Windows 10 computer. Or iTunes freezes when it is connected to an iPod.

Generally, there are 4 common reasons why iTunes freezes when it is connected to a Windows PC.

USB cable issue: iTunes is not responding sometimes when users connected their iPods to their computers. It can be related to incompatibility or of the USB cables. Or the cables were just damaged.
● Third-party plug-ins: If your PC is running a plug-in that stops the connection between iPod and iTunes, iTunes can’t run normally.
● Out-dated software version: A old iTunes version may not perform well with Windows 10 environment.Now, we have known some causes for this issue. Next, we concluded 9 methods to help you out of this issue.
● Running too many programs: If you launch too many software or programs on your computer, iTunes can't work smoothly, and it may be unresponsive.  

How to fix iTunes freezes when iPod is connected in Windows 10

Method 1. Change USB cable or port

When iTunes can’t read your iPod or iPhone when you connect it to a computer, it is probably because the USB cable or Port is corrupted or can’t work well with your iPod. You can try another USB cable or another USB port.

Method 2. Turn off background applications

When software is launched on your computer, it can use computer RAM (random-access memory) to make its running smoothly. However, if you run too many applications on your computer or the RAM space is not enough, iTunes may become not responding. So we suggest you to close some background applications.

To end a program you can press the “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” keys to open Task Manager. And turn off applications that take up too much memory.

Method 3. Update iTunes version

If changing a USB cable can’t fix this problem, you can check if the iTunes is the latest version. A software will fix some bugs and add new features to improve user experience. So this problem can be because of own merit or defect of iTunes. You can check and update iTunes to fix this problem.

Check for iTunes update

1. Firstly, please disconnected your iPhone with the PC.

2. And run iTunes for Windows. Click on the “help” option and select “Check for Updates”.

Itunes Check For Updates

Then the program will check if there are any new version to update. If there is, you can follow the guide to update iTunes on Windows 10 computer.

Method 4. Disable iTunes automatic sync

The automatic Sync feature will sync your iTunes library once you attach your iOS device with the PC, which may drag down the running speed. Even worse, iTunes is not responding at all. So we can turn off Automatic Sync in this case.

1. Run iTunes on your Windows PC and make sure your iPod is not connected.

2. Choose “Edit” > “Preference”.

3. When the Devices Preferences is launched, check “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically.

Prevent Ipods Iphone And Ipad From Syncing Automatically

Method 5. Delete iTunes plug-ins

Some iTunes plug-ins can be the reason why iTunes freezes when you connect iPod to Windows computer. If you ever install iTunes plug-ins you can try to delete them.

1. Open Windows Explorer, and navigate to C:\Users\username\App Data\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iTunes Plug-ins.

2. Then delete the plug-in.

3. After that, we can reconnect your iPod with the computer to see if the problem is solved.

Additionally, you can also run iTunes in safe mode, which protects iTunes from all third-party plug-ins that may interfere its working.  Just press and hold “Ctrl + Shift” keys, and double-click iTunes icon at the same time. Then click “Continue” if you receive the message like the screenshot.

Method 6. End APSDaemon.exe.

APSDeamon.exe file is a software component of iTunes. It was designed to synchronize your devices with iTunes. But sometimes it can create some problems like iTunes freezes. You can try to disable it to solve it.

1. Turn off iTunes. And open Task Administrator by clicking Ctrl + Shift + ESC keywords.

2. Once the Task Manager is launched, find and end the “APSDaemon.exe” file.

Method 7. Run iTunes as administrator

There could be some unknown programs or settings making iTunes unable to working properly. You can launch iTunes as administrator with the original unrestricted access.  It may fix iTunes freezes when iPod is connected in Windows 10 problem.

1. Turn off iTunes on your computer,

2. Close iTunes on your computer. If iTunes crashes and cannot be closed,  

3. Then restart the computer.

4. Then right-click the iTunes icon and select run as administrator.

Run Itunes Administrator

After completion, you can see if the problem is solved.

Method 8. Turn to iTunes alternative tool-FoneTool

After trying all these methods above, iTunes still freezes when iPod is connected in Windows 10, the database of iTunes can be damaged, and iTunes can’t fix corrupted system files to read your iPod.

In this condition, you can turn to a popular and powerful iTunes alternative iOS transfer tool named FoneTool. With this tool, you can easily transfer music and other data between iPod, iPhone, and a Windows computer without crash and USB incompatible issues. Moreover, it gives various features and advantages to meet different transfer demands, including

✌ Support selective transfer: It allows you to transfer all music or selectively transfer your songs between iPod and Windows computer.
✌ Fast transfer: This tool provides much faster speed than iTunes and other tools. 1000 songs can be moved in 10 minutes.
✌ Multiple data to transfer: FoneTool also helps you to transfer photos, videos, messages, and other data between iOS devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad) and PC/laptop.

Next, you can hit the download button to install it. And follow the steps below to see how to transfer music using FoneTool.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect your iPod with a computer and install FoneTool.

Step 2. Click "Phone Transfer" on the left pane. Move the mouse to “Transfer to iPhone” , and click "Start Transfer".

Transfer To Iphone

Step 3. You can click the “Plus” icon or just drag data to the icon.

Choose Music

Step 4. Click the “Start Transfer” button to start the operation.



If you are suffering from iTunes not responding when you connected your iPod to Windows10, you can refer to these fixes in this article to solve it. Besides, iTunes can't help you to transfer data, you can use FoneTool to perform it. And it also assists you in backup an iPod

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