How to Move All/Any Notes from iCloud to iPhone: 4 Ways

How to move Notes from iCloud to iPhone? With guides on this page, you'll learn how to transfer all or part of Notes on iCloud easily, 4 effective methods and specific steps are covered.


By Clara / Updated on July 23, 2024

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How Do I Move Notes from iCloud to My iPhone?

I just discovered that things were saved to the iCloud, which I do not want to use at all. I went to move saved Notes from the cloud to the phone, but there is no ‘on my iPhone’ folder in Notes, just iCloud ‘All iCloud’. I don’t know how to move Notes from iCloud to iPhone. Please Advise!

- Question from Apple Community

Why Do You Need to Move Notes from iCloud to iPhone?

The Notes app on iPhone helps users successfully get rid of the inconvenience of having to carry their hand-note book and pen with them. With just one iPhone, users can record any important dates, inspirations, and schedules through notes. This data is undoubtedly very important, and some Apple users will use iCloud to save Notes files.

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iCloud is a simple solution to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone and can also serve as a medium for users to transfer Notes to iOS devices. People usually need to move Notes to iPhone in two situations: accidentally lost Notes data and want to recover important data from iCloud to iPhone; buy a new iPhone and want to sync Notes from iCloud to iPhone in the first place.

You may not have a clue about how to transfer Notes from iCloud to iPhone, don't worry, you can learn 4 effective ways from this guide.

Way 1. How to Move Notes from iCloud to iPhone via Settings

iCloud offers an automatic sync feature that syncs users' data between different devices, including contacts, photos, Notes, and more. Users can simply go to Settings and enable Notes Sync to complete the process of how to move all Notes from iCloud to iPhone, take a look at it now.

Step 1. Go to your iPhone's Settings and tap [your name] and select the iCloud option.

Step 2. Locate the Notes option and click the button to make sure it is enabled.

iCloud Notes Sync

Step 3. If you're asked if you want to merge or cancel, tap MERGE.

Way 2. How to Restore Notes from iCloud to iPhone

If you want to move Notes and more data to your iPhone, restoring your entire iCloud backup to your iPhone is also an effective way.

Note that using this method will delete all existing data on your iPhone and replace it with an iCloud backup. So you'd better back up your iPhone and then check out the steps below to learn how to transfer Notes from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud.To create a Windows 10 or Windows 11 recovery tool in USB, you need a USB drive that is at least 16 gigabytes.

Before proceeding with this method, you can create an iCloud backup on the source iOS device: click on the Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Enable iCloud Backup > click the Back Up Now button. Wait for a while until the entire device backup is complete.

Then get the data from iCloud on your iPhone:

Step 1. Click Settings, find the General option and click, then click Reset and select Erase All Content and Settings.

Erase All Content and Settings

Step 2. Go to set up the iPhone, and when you see the Apps & Data screen, tap Restore from iCloud Backup, then follow the instructions to continue through the entire process of restoring your iCloud backup to your iPhone.

Restore iCloud Backup

How to move note from iCloud to iPhone is actually very simple, but the above two methods do not support cross-iCloud accounts, nor can you transfer only part of the Notes. If you have this annoyance, please read on to get a more complete solution.

Way 3. How to Transfer Notes from iCloud to iPhone Without iCloud

iCloud has only 5 GB free storage and the sync speed is slow. But what to do when you don't want to use iCloud? Or if you want to transfer Notes from different iCloud accounts or selectively transfer iCloud files to iPhone? Don't worry, simple iOS data management tool - FoneTool can help you manage iCloud.

With FoneTool, you can directly manage your iCloud data on your computer, whether it is notes, photos, videos, contacts, etc. There is no iCloud accounts limitation, you can manage your noted even from different Apple ID. Feel free to download FoneTool on your Windows PC now and discover its incredible features!

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. Open FoneTool > Sign in with your Apple ID > Navigate to Manage iCloud.

how to move notes from icloud to iphone

Step 2. Choose Notes > Tap Download > Select the notes you want to save or click Select All.

download notes

Step 3. Set up the download settings, you can connect your iPhone to the Windows and find your iPhone folder > Confirm your choice by clicking the Download button.

download iCloud notes

enlightenedBonus Tip

FoneTool also supports users transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone without the need for an internet connection. You can choose a tool that suits you better to enjoy a super fast and secure iOS backup and transfer experience.

iPhone to iPhone Transfer

Way 4. How to Share Notes from iCloud Wirelessly

FoneTool has a mobile version - FoneTool for iOS, which can help you transfer part your of your Notes to iPhone from iCloud wirelessly and quickly. First transfer Notes from iCloud to your old iPhone via Way 1. And then use FoneTool to easily transfer to your iPhone. 

Seamless transfer: Preview files before transferring, moving only the Notes you need to save time and effort.
Superfast speed: Most users' Notes files can be transferred in a few minutes.
Preview files: It allows users to transfer data between iOS devices without cellular data.
Flexible transfer: In addition to Notes, you can also transfer contacts, photos, music, apps, and any other data required by the user.
Broad compatibility: Perfect support for all iPhone models and compatible with the latest iOS 17.

Scan the QR code to install FoneTool for iOS on your iPhone.

MBackupper QR Code

Export Notes to Files app

Step 1. Open the Notes app from your old iPhone, click the Notes file you want to transfer, and tap the three-dot icon.

Step 2. Find the Send a Copy option, click it, and tap Save to Files to select a folder to store the notes files.

Save Notes to Files

Transfer Notes to another iPhone

Step 1. Make sure that both of your iPhones are Wi-Fi enabled and then put them together. Launch FoneTool and click the Connect Device tab to connect them.

Connect iPhone

Step 2. On the source iPhone tap File Transfer> Files > navigate to the folder where the notes are stored > select the notes and tap Send.

tap Send

Step 3. Go to the target iPhone and receive notes, you can view the files in the Notes app. Now your Notes have been transferred from iCloud to your new iPhone.

Wrapping Things up

If you want to know how to move Notes from iCloud to iPhone, all 4 methods provided by this post are effective. You may want to selectively transfer Notes from iCloud to iPhone to save time and effort, go directly to the third method. FoneTool will help you to complete this transfer process quickly without errors.

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