How to Transfer Notes from iCloud to iCloud: 4 Top Ways

To transfer notes from iCloud to iCloud, refer to this article with 4 feasible methods and some extra info about transferring data from iPhone to iPhone.


By Kathy / Updated on May 31, 2024

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I recently created a new iCloud ID for my personal use, retaining the original for Family Purchases. I just realized that I have lost all my Notes, although these are still on the web in the original iCloud account. Is there any way I can transfer these to my new iCloud ID?


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Why need to transfer notes from iCloud to iCloud?

Every Apple user creates an Apple ID when starting to use iOS devices. A user could create several iCloud accounts to access iCloud, App Store, and more Apple services.

So, when a user is switching to a new device, he/she may build a new iCloud account. But unluckily, the user will find all the data on the original account won’t appear on the new one. And sometimes users would find that notes didn't transfer to new iPhone. Then you may need to move iCloud notes to another account manually.


Moreover, some users may just need to share or transfer a bunch of notes or other types of data to their friends/family members or others.

To solve these problems, this article aims to elaborate on some tested methods to transfer notes from one iCloud account to another. 

How to transfer notes from iCloud to iCloud

Now you can try these ways below to transfer your iCloud notes, and method 1 may be the most ideal choice.

Method 1. The best way to move notes from iCloud to iCloud on PC

When it comes to syncing one iCloud account data to another account, the all-in-one iCloud data management app - FoneTool will be the most useful way to accomplish the task.


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Now you can download it on your PC to transfer your iCloud data quickly.

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Step 1. Launch FoneTool > Go to My iCloud > Log in with your source iCloud account > Click iCloud Sync to continue.

icloud sync

Step 2. Log in with your target iCloud account > Click the Notes icon > Tap on Start Sync to begin the task.

sync iCloud notes

If you need to upload or download iCloud/iCloud Drive data on PC efficiently, you can go to My iCloud > Log in with your Apple ID > Choose Manage iCloud to finish the process.

Method 2. Transfer iCloud notes to another account in batch

When moving to a new iCloud account, users may need to move notes from one iCloud account to another in batch.

Actually, the iCloud service is encrypted with at least 128-bit AES due to Apple's design intent of privacy protection. As a result, one cannot transfer data from one iCloud account to another directly.

However, there is a potential that you can realize it indirectly.

Step 1. Log in to the source iCloud account > disconnect the WiFi or Cellular data > go to Settings > Notes > enable On My iPhone.


Step 2. Go to the Notes app > click the menu icon > tap Select Notes > select the notes you need to transfer or tap Move All > move them to a folder under On My iPhone.


Step 3. Sign out from the source iCloud account > log in to the target iCloud account > move all the notes from the folder under On My iPhone to iCloud using the method in Step 2.

Then you could successfully solve the problem of “how to move notes from one iCloud account to another”.

Method 3. Transfer notes between 2 devices via AirDrop

AirDrop could be available to achieve the goal via wireless transfer.

No matter whether you need to send your notes to other people, or you need to move notes to a new device with a new iCloud account, it can help you.

AirDrop supports wireless transfer between two iOS devices, facilitating users to transfer documents, photos, and some more files to a nearby device with a WiFi connection and Bluetooth. 

But there is a big limit: it only supports transferring one by one. It doesn’t apply to those who want to move a bunch of notes at one time.

Things you should know before the process:✎...
The distance between the two devices should not surpass 30 inches.
Please specify the AirDrop settings on 2 devices according to your needs. If you active the Contacts Only, then you could only send files to an iCloud account in your contacts.

Step 1. Prepare the source iDevice and the target iDevice > connect them to a WiFi network.

Step 2. On the source iPhone, head over to the Notes app > click the note you need to send > tap Share > Send a Copy > AirDrop > tap the target iCloud account.


Step 3. On the destination iOS device, tap Accept to get the notes.

This method only applies to users who only have a small number of notes to transfer.

Method 4. Transfer notes from one iCloud to another via Share Note

Sometimes you probably want to edit some notes on your iPhone, but cannot keep the contents up to date on others’ devices.

Apple also provides a tool to help people share a note and keep the changes visible to other accounts in real-time. Share Note, an inbuilt feature in the Notes app can help you accomplish the task.

Similarly, this feature focuses on assisting users to collaborate on the notes, but not helping people transfer notes from one iCloud account to another. And one can only share a note at one time.

Step 1. Go to the Notes app > open the note you need to share with others.

Step 2. Tap Menu icon > Share Note > Send invitation.


Thus you could share notes with others in real-time.


From this passage, you can know how to transfer notes from iCloud to iCloud. When it comes to fast iCloud data management and sync, FoneTool can be the best way to make it.

Except for the functions mentioned above, it also supports super-fast iPhone/iPad data transfer and backup, which allows you to easily transfer photos from PC to iPhone.

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