[Fixed] iCloud The Last Backup Could Not Be Completed

If iCloud said “The last backup could not be completed”, you could refer to this article and figure out what to do when iCloud backup fails.


By Kathy / Updated on May 31, 2024

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If you meet “The last backup could not be completed” error

Apple offers iCloud service for its users, which allows users to store their photos, back up iPhone data in the cloud, and sync data on several devices.

Every iPhone user could get 5GB of free iCloud storage space, and those who have the need to save more data could purchase an extra iCloud storage plan, especially for users who rely on the iCloud Backup feature to save a copy of their iPhone data.

The iCloud Backup service is quite a good feature, however, some people are complaining about some issues with iCloud Backup.


Apparently, my iPhone has been failing to backup to iCloud for the past 2 weeks. According to the phone, my last backup was on the 8th of May, I got a notification warning me. I tried initiating backup manually, it failed. ICloud storage is sufficient. Does anybody have any ideas?


- Question from MacRumors


That’s apparently annoying and upsetting. A large number of users don’t know what to do when they received the warning “iCloud backup could not be completed”.


But don’t worry, you could find multiple fixes in this article. And prior to that, let’s figure out the reasons behind the iCloud backup issue.

Why is your iCloud backup not working?

According to Apple and tests, these factors and triggers are potential culprits:

  • Unsteady/poor network connection.
  • Insufficient iCloud storage space.
  • The iOS software version not being up to date.

The iCloud backup feature requires a stable network connection, steady power supply, and screen lock to back up your data every night.

So, if one of them is not met, the iCloud backup could fail, and you are likely to meet the error “iCloud backup could not be completed”.

Now, check all these corresponding solutions in the next section, please.

How to fix “The iCloud backup could not be completed”

What to do when iCloud backup fails? Here 5 practicable means are ready to help you.

Solution 1. Free up some iCloud storage space

The iCloud backups are stored in your iCloud storage space. Accordingly, your iCloud backups will fail if the storage space is not big enough.


The 1st course of action, therefore, would be to check whether you still have sufficient space. Go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > check if you have run out of space.

If so, you could try to free up some space by deleting some unimportant files that are stored in the iCloud. For instance, if you have activated iCloud Photos, deleting some old and useless pictures can be the case.

In addition, you could also change the storage plan by upgrading the storage options. Choose a plan according to your preferences and budget.

If you need to delete your iCloud data on computer, then FoneTool will help you finish the process efficiently from PC.

You can use it to delete, upload and download iCloud data. Or you can transfer iCloud data from one account to another when you need to switch to a new Apple ID.

Just come and download it on your PC and follow the guidance below to get the detailed steps.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Open FoneTool > Go to My iCloud > Log in with your Apple ID > Choose Manage iCloud.

manage icloud

Step 2. Click each icon to choose the data you want to delete > Tap on Delete > Click on Yes to confirm your choice.

delete icloud data

Except for iCloud data management, FoneTool can also help you back up iPhone data to PC easily. If you need a better iCloud alternative to protect your iPhone data, you can skip to Solution 5 to know the steps.

Solution 2. Check the WiFi network status

WiFi connection could be the biggest reason the most of time. WiFi is necessary for iCloud backup, so when your iPhone is using a poor or unstable WiFi connection, you are very likely to get the error “The last backup could not be completed”.


Here are some tricks for troubleshooting.

Reconnect to the WiFi.

Go to Settings > WLAN > turn off the WLAN > activate it again > wait for it to connect the WiFi you were using. Or in WLAN, tap Forget This Network > input the password to connect it.

♦ Try another WiFi.

Try connecting another stable WiFi network to see if there is something wrong with your WiFi but not your iPhone.

♦ Reset the network settings.

Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings > enter your screen lock password > rest.


Then reconnect the WiFi you were using and try if you can back up to iCloud manually.

Solution 3. Keep your device up to date

Keeping your iOS devices up to date is a good idea because it can avoid some software failures. So when the error “iCloud backup won't complete” has nothing to do with your WiFi network, try updating your iOS software.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install.

Notes: iOS updates sometime cause errors. Some users have reported that iPhone notes disappeared after iOS update. So it is recommended to back up your iPhone before updating.

Solution 4. Check the Apple System status

What to do when iCloud backup won't complete? If all these solutions mentioned above do no help, then perhaps there is nothing wrong with your storage space, network, and iOS software.

Relatively, we could boldly guess maybe the key is on the side opposite to the users – Apple service. Go to the Apple System Status site and check if all the services are working in good condition.


Solution 5. Use an easier iCloud Backup alternative

When being bothered by the error “The last backup could not be completed”, users may be upset and anxious.

Compared to checking a bunch of stuff and taking a data loss risk to update your iOS, a wise user would prefer using an easier iCloud Backup alternative tool: FoneTool.

It is a professional iPhone backup utility, facilitating users to quickly back up iPhone photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, etc., freeing all users from data loss. Let’s take a look at its shining points.

  • Quick backup speed. Back up iPhone data fast and safely.
  • Flexible backup choices. Support entire backup and custom backup.
  • Safe and fast restore. Restore backup securely and quickly without data omitting.
  • High compatibility. Support various iPhone models and iOS versions, including iPhone 15 and iOS 17.

Now download FoneTool to enjoy its amazing features.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download
When connecting your iPhone to a PC, please tap “Trust” to trust the computer.
If you want to back up the privacy data, like Keychain data, Health data, etc, please toggle Backup Encryption.

Step 1. Start FoneTool > connect your iPhone to your computer > Phone Backup > Full Backup > Click Get Started.


Step 2. Choose a path to store the backup file > Start Backup.


Thus, all your crucial data will be protected, and you won’t be bothered by the error “The last backup could not be completed”.

FAQ issues about iCloud backup

5 feasible fixes to the error “The last backup could not be completed” have been introduced with detailed steps. And in case you may have other problems with iCloud backup, some extra info is ready.

Why can't I retrieve my photos from iCloud backup?

Factors, like iCloud account, WiFi network, power supply, backup content, etc., can cause photos not restoring from iCloud backup.

Check if you have logged in to the correct account and if your iCloud Photos feature is activated. Or you could directly use the iCloud Backup alternative tool – FoneTool.

Why can't I restore my iPhone from iCloud backup?

Users have complained that restoring from iCloud backup takes too long and restoring from iCloud backup not working.

To settle this, you could check if you have entered the correct passcode; and then, check if you have enough storage space; try to use another WiFi; restart your iPhone, erase your iPhone again, or try iTunes.

Get a more detailed guide from the tutorial.

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