How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud

iCloud is not perfect for iPhone photos migration. This passage would tell you how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud.


By Dylan / Updated on September 14, 2023

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How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud

When you got a new iPhone, you might need the photos from old iPhone. iPhone could take high-quality photos, which might eat much storage on iPhone. And you might have also saved many beautiful pictures from apps. To copy photos to new iPhone, iCloud would be not so convenient for the free storage for iCloud is just 5GB. And you may not trust iCloud, after all, it will upload your photos to Server.

If you want to transfer photos from old iPhone to new iPhone without iCloud for iCloud storage is almost full, you could use the 4 methods in this passage to transfer our photos.

#1 Easily transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone with FoneTool

If you are looking for how to transfer photos from iPhone without iCloud, FoneTool could be your solution. It's a professional iPhone backup software, you could use it to save iPhone photos to computer and then transfer them to another iPhone. To help the user have a good experience, this software has a super simple interface.

  • Quickly Transfer: FoneTool could transfer 100 photos in two 2 seconds.

  • Preview and Select Photos: You might not want to transfer every picture you can preview and select the photos you want.

  • Flexible Selection: You could not only transfer photos between iPhone with FoneTool, but also select photos from iPad or iPod Touch.

  • Widely Compatible: It supports most iPhone models from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 15/14 and would be perfectly compatible with the latest iOS 17/16.

  • Completely safe: It won't upload your photos to Server. You will not lose any data and no one will access your data.

Steps to transfer photos from old iPhone to new iPhone

Step 1. Download FoneTool and connect the source iPhone to PC with USB cable.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 2. Select iPhone to PC at the bottom.

Transfer to Computer

Note: As you can see from the picture, there is one option named iPhone to iPhone. It's a quick way to transfer all data from old iPhone to new iPhone.

Step 3. Click the plus icon to select photos from iPhone and then click OK.

Export Photos

Step 4. Click Start Transfer. After the task is finished and disconnect the source iPhone. The photos could be saved on your computer.


Step 5. Connect the new iPhone to computer and select PC to iPhone.

Transfer to iPhone

Step 6. Click the folder icon to select the photos you just export to computer and click OK.

Transfer Photos to Computer

Step 7. Click Start Transfer to copy photos from iPhone to iPhone.

Transfer to iPhone

Tips: Saving iPhone photos to computer is important because now data disaster happens without warning. Information on your iPhone could be missing for physical damage or software harm so that you’d better keep the backup files on your PC. When you transfer the files to your iPhone with FoneTool, these files would not cover the already existing data on your iPhone.

#2 Transfer pictures from iPhone to iPhone with Windows Photos and iTunes

How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud? iTunes could not directly extract photos from iPhone but it could import photos from computer to iPhone. You could save iPhone photos to computer with Windows Photo first.

Step 1. Connect the source iPhone to computer running Windows 10.

Step 2. Click the Start Button to search and enter Windows Photos. Select Import from USB Device to export photos from iPhone.

Windows Photo

Step 3. Download iTunes. Click the Phone-shape icon in the upper-left corner to enter your iPhone Summary. Select Photos in the sidebar, find the folder of your saved photos, and click Apply.

Sync Photos Using iTunes

#3 Transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud or computer - use AirDrop

If you have just several photos to transfer, you could use the built-in application AirDrop to transfer photos face to face. You need to enable AirDrop on the target iPhone by going to iPhone Settings > General > AirDrop and then turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both iPhones. After that, select multiple photos in Album and then tap Share. The target iPhone name would be displayed. You select the device and accept the request on the target iPhone.

Transfer Photos from iPhonef to iPad via Airdrop

#4 Transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud or computer - use Google Photos

Google Photos gives you 15GB free storage for photos with original quality and unlimited free storage for high-quality photos. If you still want to use cloud tools, Google Photos would be a good choice, but you need to be aware that Google Photos shares the 15GB free storage with other Google products.

1. Open the Google Photos app

2. Sign in to your Google Account

3. At the top, tap Menu

4. Select Settings and then Back up & sync

5. Tap "Back up & sync" on or off

If you see a message asking to allow the app to access your photos:

1. Open the iOS settings app

2. Tap Privacy and then Photos

3. Select Google Photos

4. Select Read and Write

Google Photos


This article introduces 4 ways about how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud. We can choose the clean software FoneTool,  let iTunes transfer photos from PC to iPhone, AirDrop photos, or choose another cloud tool Google Photos.

If you want to save photos to external HDD, FoneTool would help you backup iPhone photos to external drive.

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