How to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone Easily

Sometimes, you may hide your apps but don't know how to unhide apps. Refer to this post, it will guide you on how to find hidden apps on iPhone 15/14/13 easily.


By Dylan / Updated on February 5, 2024

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Need to find hidden apps on iPhone?

For some reason, some people hide some apps making them invisible to others. For example, if you are using Family Sharing, you might want to hide games installing logs.

However, Later on, when you want to open these apps, you may no longer remember how to unhide apps on your iPhone. So in this passage, you will know how to find see hidden apps on an iPhone easily.

How to find hidden apps on iPhone

Here we offer 3 ways to unhide apps on an iPhone. You can choose one according to your need.

Way 1. View hidden purchased apps

If you ever hide purchased apps on the App Store, the apps won't be displayed on the purchased app list. Even though you are using Family Sharing, they won't be also viewed by the members. To view the hidden purchased app, follow the steps.

Step 1. Go to App Store on iPhone.

Step 2. Tap your user icon.

Step 3. Tap your account.

Step 4. Select Hidden Purchases

Step 5. Find the app, swipe left, and unhide it or download it directly.

Unhide Purchases

Way 2. Find hidden apps on the Home screen

You may install dozens or hundreds of apps on your iPhone, or just put some of them into a folder or move them to App Library to hide them. But you don't remember where they are. Follow the steps to find hidden apps on the Home screen on an iPhone.

1. Swipe down from the middle of the home screen and you would see the search box at the top of the screen.

2. In the search box, enter the name of your apps and the result will be shown to you.

Search Apps On Iphone

3. Tap the search outcome, you can enter the app immediately.

Way 3. Find apps on the App Library

App Library which will store all installed apps on your iPhone. If may remove your apps from the Home screen but these apps will be kept in the App library.

1. Swipe to the right to the final page. Then you can see all apps are categorized as suggestions, social, entertainment, and so on.

2. If you don't find the app, tap the top box, and type the app name. You will see the hidden app.

App Library

If you want to add an app to the Home screen, just long-press the icon and tap "Add to Home Screen".

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After knowing how to find hidden apps on iPhone. Here, we also give some ways to hide apps on your iPhone.

#1. Hide apps in the purchase history

If you have enabled Family Sharing, every time you purchase a game or other apps, your family member could see it. If don’t want them to know about this app, you could hide it immediately. This method would not let you pay for that app again.

1. Open App Store on iPhone.y

2. Select Today at the bottom of the screen.

3. Select your Account.

4. Select Purchased or My Purchases (if Family Sharing is enabled)

5. Find the app, swipe left, and select Hide.

Hide Purchase History

In fact, if you are the organizer of family sharing, you can stop sharing purchases or other features, so that you don’t have to hide purchased games every time.

1. Go to iPhone Settings.

2. Tap your Name.

3. Disable Purchase Sharing under Shared Features.

#2. Hide apps on the home screen

You can’t make the icon disappear from the home screen, but you can really hide it so the others could not see it.

1. Put apps in a folder

On an iPhone, you could drag apps to another page or put them into a folder on the home screen, so they won’t be seen by others when you show them your iPhone.

This seems a no-brainer, but it really works.

App Folder

2. Move apps to the App Library

Moving apps to the App Library can make your iPhone looks clean without actually deleting the apps. You can put some apps used less often to the App Library. Here are the steps.

1. Long press an app on the screen. Tap "Remove app".

2. Then tap "Remove from Home Screen.

Then the selected app will be unseen, and you can find it on the App Library.

#3. Hide apps from Siri & Search

If you don’t want your information to be easily searched by others, you could stop spotlight or Siri from showing your apps.

1. Go to iPhone Settings.

2. Select Siri & Search.

3. Select the apps you don’t want to show in search results.

4. Disable Siri & Suggestions and Show App.


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This is all bout how to find hidden apps on iPhone. So if you don’t want to let others know or see some apps on your iPhone, you could follow this passage to hidden iPhone apps. You would also know how to find hidden apps on your iPhone in case of that you really forget the apps.

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