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How to delete everything on iPhone X before selling?

I am going to sell my old iPhone X. Before that I'm just wondering how to completely delete all content and personal data on my iPhone for data security. Thanks.

- Question from Apple Community

When you want to get a new iPhone, selling the old iPhone could take some of the strain off the budget when you plan to buy the latest model. But privacy is a big concern when we want to abandon or sell our iPhones. An iPhone store a large number of apps, personal data, settings, contacts, and so on. So after transfering data from old iPhone to the new iPhone, you will need do delete everything on the old iPhone before selling and discard it.

iPhone SE 2020

On the other hand, erasing everything on an iPhone can be an effective way to restore it to factory settings, so when your iPhone encounter some unexpected issue, it probably can help you out of the problem

Section 1. How to delete data and apps on iPhone?

If you just want to simply clear iPhone storage, you just need to find the large files, usually photos, videos, and music, on iPhone and the unnecessary apps.

1. Unlock your iPhone and open Settings app.

2. Select General and then select iPhone Storage.

3. You can see which data takes the most storage and then you could delete it. Expand some apps and then you could delete the app itself or data in the app.

iPhone Storage

If you uninstall the app here, the app data won’t be deleted and would be automatically restored when the app is reinstalled. To completely remove the app and data, you need to press and hold the app on the home screen and uninstall it.

You might find that Other data occupies several gigabits of storage and there is no option for you to clear them. They are the cached data on iPhone usually the music or videos. Deleting the app data or erase everything by the methods in the following sections will work.

Note: You might want to store your large files to iCloud and expand the iCloud storage to 50GB or more. In fact, even if you upload all the photos to iCloud, they take the same storage on your iPhone. After you disable iCloud Photos to remove all the photos from your iPhone, they would be stored on the server for up to 30 days and then disappear forever. To better release iPhone storage, you need to backup iPhone to PC.

Section 2. How to clear data on iPhone? (everything)

Want a clean iPhone? If you are sure you don’t need any data, the simplest way to delete everything on iPhone is erasing iPhone in Settings. In case that you regret for deleting the needed data, backup your iPhone and unpair Apple Watch before you erase iPhone.

1. Open the Settings app on iPhone.

2. Select General and then select Reset.

3. Select Erase All Content and Settings and enter your passcode to delete iPhone data.

Erase All Content and Settings

Section 3. How to completely erase everything from iPhone on PC?

If you would like to do the procedure on computer, you can turn to iTunes. Actually, factory resetting iPhone in iTunes could also help you rescue your iPhone if it is disabled or frozen but you need to trust this computer at least once or iTunes can’t recognize your iPhone.

1. Download the latest iTunes and then connect iPhone to PC with USB cable.

2. After the device icon appears in the upper-left or the window, click it.

3. Click Restore iPhone to delete all the iPhone data.


Section 4. How to clear iPhone data with AOMEI MBackupper?

The best result comes from the most professional solution. To manage your iPhone data and erase iPhone, AOMEI MBackupper would be the best solution. With its very professional feature, your iPhone will be safely wiped and no hacking software could get your personal information.

Besides, you could easily preview iPhone data and select the useful items to backup with it.

Step 1. Download AOMEI MBackupper and connect iPhone to PC with USB cable.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7

Step 2. The home screen will pop up with your iPhone is recognized. Select Erase iPhone here.

Erase iPhone

Step 3. Check I have understood the consequence of erasing data, and I am sure to erase data.

Erase Options

Step 4. Click the button Erase iPhone to delete all the iPhone data.

Begin Erase

Section 5. How to remotely erase iPhone if it is lost?

What if your iPhone is not in your hand? When iPhone is lost, you could use Find My to retrieve or erase your iPhone.

1. Open your browser and go to

2. Sign in your Apple ID and then select Find iPhone.

3. Select Devices > select the lost iPhone.

4. Select Erase This Device > click Erase this iPhone.

Find My iPhone Erase iPhone


You might want to clear your iPhone data for some reason and this passage has given you 5 method of how to delete everything on iPhone 7/8/se/11/12. You can erase your iPhone data on your iPhone or PC even when you lost it.

AOMEI MBackupper is a good choice because it is a professional iPhone eraser and gives you an easy solution to backing up iPhone.

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