How to Backup iPhone to Google Drive [Top 2 Methods]

Google Drive provides more storage than iCloud so you could save more data. Follow this guide to know how to backup iPhone to Google Drive to save your iPhone data.


By Dylan / Updated on June 25, 2024

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How to backup iPhone to Google Drive instead of iCloud

My iPhone is almost full because there are many photos stored on iPhone. I tried iCloud but the photos still consume my storage so I want to try Google Drive this time. Anyone could tell me how to use Google Drive on iPhone?

- Question from Reddit

Why Need to Backup iPhone to Google Drive?

With the iPhone, you can communicate with others, listen to music, watch videos, and download many games and other apps. As you enjoy your life with it, the iPhone saves a large amount of data making your iPhone storage full. So you may want to backup some data and delete them to release storage. Besides, Backup important data is necessary to protect them from loss. 

Apple provides iCloud to iPhone users to backup and sync data. But it only provides 5GB of free space, which is totally not enough for most people in today's world, so some users will turn to other backup serve to save their data — for example, Google Drive. It is a Google product enabling users to store files and sync data just like iCloud. And every Google Drive user can be allocated 15GB of free space, so it is a nice choice if your iCloud storage is full.

How to Backup iPhone to Google Drive

 Next, you can refer to the following content, and this article will introduce how to backup iPhone to Google Drive.

How to Backup iPhone to Google Drive with 2 Methods

Here we give you 2 most commonly used methods of backing up iPhone data to your Google Drive. You can perform it on a Windows computer or using Google Drive iPhone app.

Method 1. Backup iPhone to Google Drive on Computer

To backup iPhone photos, videos, contacts, apps, notes, and other data to Google drive, it is more convenient to perform it on a Windows computer. You can install the Google Drive for desktop on your Windows. After that Google Drive will add a folder allowing you quickly to upload or sync files to your Google Drive.

Then you can turn to a professional iPhone data backup software like FoneTool to save iPhone data to Google. It enables you to easily create a full backup including media files, personal settings, and app data, or selectively backup iPhone photos, videos, music tracks, contacts, messages, etc. from iPhone to Google Drive.

Now you can download Google Drive for Desktop on your computer. And click the download button below to install FoneTool. Then we will demonstrate the details steps of how it works.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Install Google Drive

Install Google Drive and run. Open This PC, and make sure there is Google Drive under the Device and drive.

google drive

Step 2. Run FoneTool and choose the backup way.

On the FoneTool interface, Click Phone Backup > Choose Selective Backup or Full Backup according to your need > Click Get Started. Here we choose Selective Backup.

phone backup

✍ How to choose Selective Backup and Full Backup:
Selective Backup support selectively backup photos, videos, contacts, and messages.
Full backup helps you create a full iPhone backup to your Google Drive. If you want to backup nearly all iPhone data like app files, iPhone settings, personal files, notes, as well as media files, choose Full Backup.

Step 3. Choose iPhone data to back up.

Choose what you want to back up. You can click the icon to choose the specific items.

select files

Step 4. Choose Google Drive as backup location and start the transfer.

Click the Backup Storage Path and click "+" icon. Add Google Drive > My Drive as the backup destination. Then click Start Backup.

change path

Wait for the backup process to get finished. Then you can go to the Google Drive site to see your backup data.

Video tutorial of making an iPhone backup to Google Drive

Method 2. Backup iPhone to Google Drive on iPhone

Google Drive also provides an app allowing users to backup and restore data and manage backup with their iPhone. Refer to the following steps below to backup music, texts, contacts, and other data from iPhone to Google Drive. 

Step 1. You need to download Google Drive in App Store. Make sure you have a Google account or you need to sign in first.

Step 2. After you have signed in Google drive, you can tap the blue-circle button in the bottom right and then select Upload to upload the files.

Google Drive upload

If you want to back up your iPhone, you should follow these steps.

Step 1. Tap the horizontal icon in the upper left > Tap the Settings icon > Select Backup.

Step 2. Tap Start Backup. In this step, you can select whether to backup contacts, calendar events, or photos &videos.

Google Drive Backup


✍ Note: If you are using other Google products, you may find the 15GB will run out soon. Because they will also take the Google Drive space. You can buy more space or backup your iPhone on your Windows computer instead. 


That’s all about how to backup iPhone to Google Drive on PC and iPhone. Google Drive gives you 15GB of free storage and you can easily backup iPhone Google Drive under the guide of this article. You can use FoneTool to flexibly and selectively backup iPhone photos, videos, contacts, and messages, or make a full iPhone backup like media files, apps, Viber, and personal files to Google Drive. Try it out!

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