By Jessie / Last update October 26, 2022


Case 1

I have a just updated my lenovo ideapad to windows 8 perview from windows 7 but its not working properly so i wanted to recover to windows 7 so i clicked on my lenovo one key recovery and i get an erroro messege saying "Driver initialization failed. please reinstall application" so i reinstalled it and its still doing the sme thing , please help!!!

Case 2

Can somebody help me? After I upgraded my windows 7 to windows 10 the onekey recovery feature of my laptop is not functioning at all and all my back ups are there. Can someone tell what to do?

Case 3

Hi! For the past few days my computer system has been on a crawl and I wanna restore my system to factory state. conventionally I would use the onekey recovery but its not saying there is a problem with the driver initialization, so I reinstalled the whole software but it still gives me the same message, is there an alternative to restore my computers system like using the oem partition? Windows recover cannot find any back up files though.

Case 4

This PC had malware on it and can't boot into normal windows mode. I tried to use One key Recovery but it refuses to work in safe mode. I get an error that says Driver Initialization Failed. Is there a way to find out what drivers it needs and enable them through Msconfig from safe mode without rebooting?


For Case1-3

Some lenovo softwares and applications including the One Key Recovery 7.0 will not function properly after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 or Windows 10. Recovery partitions also rely on the fact that you are still running the same OS; it will not work from a different OS. OR, did you wipe recovery partition on installing Windows 8 or 10?

For Case4

You cannot perform a Repair Install from Safe Mode. You might be forced down the path of a clean install, and thereby lose the recovery partition.



So assuming you have not wiped the recovery partition, you will need to re-install W7 somehow, download all the necessary drivers from Lenovo's website to replace the generic windows drivers that will be installed, and re-cover using OKR from there.


Or, you can make use of the alternative of Lenovo OneKey Recovery – AOMEI OneKey Recovery to solve application failed to initialize problem. It supports all Windows systems including XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Thus, it will still workable after system upgrading.

AOMEI Onekey System Recovery

To make system backups, only a few steps are needed. For details, please refers to Lenovo g50 recovery media creator.

After creating a recovery disk, you can restore your system back anytime you want especially when system restore stuck on initializing by Lenovo OKR. For details, please refers to restore Lenovo g50 to factory settings.

Try one or both solutions above according to your own case to solve OKR program failed to initialize issue.



Prior to upgrading, you should have made some Recovery discs, so that you could boot from and recover from an optical drive.


Always perform a clean OEM install, and then image that installation using AOMEI OneKey Recovery to an external USB storage.

Keep one or both above preventions to avoid Lenovo onekey recovery stuck initializing accident.

Tip: Other problems you may encounter while using Lenovo OKR