How to Solve Lenovo OKR Button Not Working?

lenovo onekey recovery not working problem may be caused by system upgrade, boot partition resizing, recovery partition damage or deletion, etc. The best way to solve this is to find an alternative of Lenovo OKR.


by Delia Updated on October 18, 2022

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Case One

- New z580 with win7 home basic

- Installed win 8

- Recovery did not work

- Installed win ultimate from old dvd

- Installed one key recovery softawre

- Made factory default recovery dvds

- Recovered to the factory win7 home basic

- C drive is nealry all the capacity of hdd

- resized the C: to 200gb

- Created another partion named g

- One key recovery button does not work , act as power button

Case Two

OKR not working but the original win 8 installation is untouched. Only the C has been partitioned. And i havnt created the restore disks using the OKR.

Case Three

The first time I tried this it was working well. The last thing I did was to put some files in my D drive (where all the drivers files are) and I tried to delete the files I put and try again but it didn't work.


Even a slightest change on your system hard disk will cause Lenovo onekey recovery not working, such as system upgrade, boot partition resizing, recovery partition damage or deletion, etc.

In Case One, the user encountered onekey rescue system not working for twice. The first time, it was due to system update from Windows 7 to Windows 8; the second time, it was due to C Partition resizing (the same with Case Two). For Case Three, it owns the least change to system drive, but still be resulted with lenovo onekey recovery not booting.

Therefore, users should make nearly no change to their operating system partition even the whole hard drive if they will rely to restore from OKR. Otherwise, one key recovery will not boot when it is needed. Of course, okr recovery partition damage or deletion will let onekey recovery doesn’t work.


Solution One

Try to burn recovery dvds under windows and use it to restore your system. This method is workable but somehow troublesome and complex.

Solution Two

Make use of an alternative of Lenovo OneKey Recovery, such as AOMEI OneKey Recovery. When Lenovo OKR button not working, you can turn to it for help. It is a completely safe software you can download directly and install it on your computer.

Then, with it, you can do whatever you want with the OKR software, backup os to create a recovery partition or recovery USB, set up a schedule to automate the backup, restore the system to a healthy state when necessary, etc. The operations are easy and safe just like using Lenovo onekey recovery.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery

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Just as a user said:

“OKR is so sensitive as if it's windows OS. A recovery software should work under any (possible) circumstance otherwise it's 'half-recovery'. e.g. if drives are resized yet OS/data is still in them, OKR should retrieve it, button should work. There can be a setting file with in OKR, which can be updated or can keep log of hard disk changes, at least drives resize info. If that happens it'll be the best recovery software available pre-installed, working independent of OS, activated by a tiny button! ”

This is also a suggestion to other recovery programs.

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