The Solution to Lenovo One Key Recovery Error

Many people may encounter one key Recovery error prompt when they use Lenovo one key recovery to restore system, AOMEI OneKey Recovery and its programmers will tell you how to solve such problem.


by Delia Updated on December 23, 2022

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In the era of big data, a growing number of people tend to post a problem on internet to seek a good answer, therefore, when you search for some keywords online, you will see many problems that you have encountered or are facing, but some problems are still unsolved, including Lenovo one key recovery error.

For better to solve Lenovo one key recovery error, all typical errors users encounter have been assembled in this article, and you will be guided by AOMEI OneKey Recovery and its programmers how to protect your computer system easily and safely.

The common errors on Lenovo one key recovery

The part of code error:

1、one key recovery 7.0 error code 0xEB1b068A

Description:When you use Lenovo one key Recovery to create DVD recovery (Default factory discs), the error will happen. A window prompts and informs: error code 0xEB1b068A. What would you solve this issue?

Explanation: This error may be caused by that one key recovery software is not authorized. A user in the forum suggests that you should right click one key recovery and select “Run as administrator” before you create DVD recovery.


2. One key recovery error 0xe0ef005d

Description:After using Lenovo one key to restore system, it get stuck at in the process of restoring and give this error: internal error 0xe0ef005d

Explanation: The 0xe0ef005d message is commonly caused by partitioning error (bad sectors on the HDD) or a faulty RAM.

3. One key recovery error code 0xE0EF0050

Description: If you want to recover with one key to initial setting. The error 0xE0EF0050 will be popped up during restoring.

The part of operation error

1. one key recovery start-up error

Description: When you want to restore system, One key recovery reboots and gives error saying “Disk read error press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart”, or “The program cannot find the service partition” . Both system and one key recovery are not working.



There are some conditions where Lenovo one key recovery will not work.

  • If you make any changes on size of existing partitions.
  • If you format your system through any other function or tools.
  • If you remove hidden partition from your system.

A solution can avoid all common errors mentioned above

The common Lenovo one key recovery errors are listed in the above selectively, actually, problems users encounters are far more than that. These errors, honestly, can’t be solved thoroughly except that re-install Lenovo one key recovery. But if you use AOMEI OneKey Recovery, all problems will be avoided. AOMEI OneKey Recobvery will be a solution to avoid all common errors mentioned above.

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“Being a third-party software to back up and restore system, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is designed strictly according to professional one key recovery standard and what users demand.” says Michael Lee, a programmer of AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

Most of branded one key recovery programs, are designed for a specific computer brand. That is to say, you are not allowed to install Lenovo OneKey recovery on HP computer.

Besides, when you change the size of partition, you have to say goodbye to your recovery partition, because it won’t work. Lenovo one key recovery error will occur If you don’t use it based on its rule.

On the contrary, AOMEI OneKey Recovery totally breaks these limitations. You can install it on any laptop or desktop, and back up and restore system in anytime and anywhere, even though you change the size of partition. If you want to know how to use AOMEI OneKey Recovery, please visit .

“The interface is very concise and easy. Unlike some other program, there are not too many boring and obscure options on AOMEI OneKey Recovery, just backup and restore.” A user writes in an email which offered by AOMEI Tech supporting.

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