How to Restore Onekey Recovery Function After Changing Partition Size?

Many people have asked online that can’t restore one key recovery function after changing partition size. Here are the solutions to cope with it.


by Delia Updated on December 30, 2022

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The C drive in Lenovo is too small, and affects the running speed badly. I have extended my C drive to improve the running speed. But, computer can’t restore system image. Why and how to restore OneKey Recovery function after changing partition size?

Most users may encounter such problem. This article will tell you how to restore onekey recovery function after changing partition size in Lenovo computer.

Why can’t recover Lenovo One Key Rescue after resizing partitions

This problem is very usual in every brandy computers. In general, there are many situations to cause malfuction of OneKey Recovery:

  • Have reinstalled system
  • Changed the size of partition on system disk or changing the size of C drive or recovery partition.
  • Wiped the whole disk, including the recovery partition.

Apparently, this problem mentioned above belongs to the second situation.

How to recover Lenovo One Key Rescue after resizing partitions

You can follow the steps below to rescue your Lenovo OneKey Recovery, on the premise that the recovery partition is intact.

1. Press the “novo” button to enter OKR.

2. Select OneKey Recovery Option.

3. When you see the next screen, please press Ctrl + Shift + O to start up Command Prompt.

4. Then, you should know whether all the partition have the reght letters or not? Just type :

dir C:

It will prompt “Windows7_OS”. If not, you should check the standard list of folders-program files: Users, Windows, etc.

5. Next, you need to verify which drive letter the recovery partition is. You can try all letters of alphabet until you see the volume label “LENOVO_PART” and a list of folders including EFI, NB, OKRBackup, or OneKey.the code as following:

dir d:

dir e:

dir f:

dir g:


6. Change to the lenovo_part partition. If it is the G: drive, just type


Again, your letter may be different.

7. Enter recovery image tool folder. Type:

cd onekey\osimage

8. Run OSImage. Type:

osimage /fb

9. You need to spend a little time to wait for backup finishing. After it’s done, and will prompt message that “Backup Success ...”. Any other message can be neglected.

dir \okrbackup\factory

Wait for backup to finish. Should take about 25 minutes. You will see "Backup Success ..." message at the end. Ignore any other error messages in the window.

10. Check backup image. Type:

dir \okrbackup\factory

11. Shut down the command prompt. then you can either reboot, or test your recovery image.

Based on the advice from geek online, you may restore onekey recovery function after changing partition size. But there is a bug we must point out that all recovery partition nearly is hidden, unless give drive letter to it. In other words, if recovery partition is hidden, it is very difficult to use the above way after computer crashing. Thus, it may work to apply the above way to the the computer that was resized and can boot normally. You can give the drive letter to hidden recovery partition and make it visible, then, follow the above way to fix recovery partition.

Better way to restore onekey recovery function

Due to all flaws of Built-in recovery software, from my perspective, many other software has improved their functions. Resizing partition can’t make any influence to restoring onekey function. AOMEI OneKey Recovery can back up all Windows computer easily and safely. What’s the important. It can restore system image with one key after resizing partition.

Download the tool to have a try:

Download Free DemoWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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How to restore system after changing partition size

You can conduct a experiment. To use AOMEI OneKey Recovery to back up system and create a AOMEI recovery partition. Then, to resize C: drive or partition size just like the below picture: C drive has been shrinked. Finally, to use AOMEI OneKey Recovery to restore system.

If you have backed up system in advance, once computer crashes, you can boot computer, and press F11 or A to enter AOMEI OneKey Recovery interface. As the picture shows, please select “OneKey System Recovery”.

Okr Recovery

Step 1. Choose the way to restore. There are two ways to restore. The first way is to restore the original destination, or current system location. The second way is to restore to other location. Usually it means that other disk such as SSD or other hard drive.

Restore Location

Step 2. The first way is chosen to be an example. The system image will cover the original system, and most people may do that. As conducted above, C drive has been changed. To built-in recovery software in Lenovo, or Dell, etc. Those brandy computer won’t restore onekey recovery function after changing partition size, but, AOMEI OneKey Recovery can be used easily and fast.

Click “Start Restore”

Confirm Restore

Computer is performing to enter restart mode and restore system image. When computer enter restart mode, and it represents that the restore process is nearly successful. The only thing you should do is waiting.

As you see, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is very safe and fast to restore OneKey Recovery function after changing partition size. Comparing other counterparts, the performance and identity to hardware environment have been improved. No matter what system is Windows7, 8, 8.1 or10, if you want to protect your system , at the same time, you want to manage your hard drive and partition, AOMEI OneKey recovery is your good choice.

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