Use Asus Recovery Key to Restore System When It Fails

September 10, 2019

When system fails to boot up in Asus computer, users can easily restore it back to factory default settings from Asus recovery hidden partition making use of Asus system recovery key.

What Is Asus Recovery Key?

It does not mean there is a special button like Lenovo specialized for system recovery function on Asus device. To refresh operating system to its original condition, just press F9 the moment Asus logo screen shows up when boot computer to enter Asus recovery environment and access Asus recovery partition.

Use this key to recover OS will format system partition and erase all the data on it. Therefore, you may need to make use of it not only when system is damaged or not intact, but also when you want to eliminate virus infections, improve computing performance, sell your computer to others with no information leak. On the contrary, if there are import data on system c drive you want to keep for yourself, you have to move it to other place or make a backup of them to other location.

How to Use Asus Recovery Key to do Asus One Key System Recovery?

To begin with, just as said above, transfer or backup critical personal data to other location.

Step 1. Reboot or power on the machine and continuously press F9 immediately when Asus logo shows up until you see a window asking select boot device.

Asus Select Boot Device

Step 2. Choose Windows Boot Manager.

Step 3. Choose your language from the options and click "Next."

Step 4. Select one of the three ways to restore system.

  • Recover Windows to first partition only.

  • Recover Windows to entire HD.

  • Recover Windows to entire HD with two partitions.

Asus Recovery Windows to HD


  • “Recover Windows to first partition only” will only delete the first partition (system C partition) and the other partition will keep untouched. While, “Recover Windows to entire HD” and “Recover Windows to entire HD with two partitions” will erase the whole hard disk both system partition and other data partitions.

  • “Recover Windows to entire HD with two partitions” will create two partitions and install operating system files to the first C partition/volume.

Step5. Click "Next" and follow the guidance to rebuild the ASUS laptop to the factory defaults.

Learn more about Asus recovery button, eg. In Eee pc.

Alternative to Asus Recovery Key

If you find recovery key Asus difficult to use or the above operations are complex, or, you have computer of other brand under reset. You can try AOMEI OneKey Recovery since Asus recovery partition key cannot be applied to other brand products.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery is not a brand computer built-in program, but a professional and powerful system backup and restore software developed by AOMEI Technology. Thus, it supports all brands computer including Asus, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, HP, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, etc. So, it has gained great popularity all over the world. And? Why not download one and have a try!

AOMEI OneKey Recovery