By Delia / Last update February 22, 2021

About OneKey Recovery

One Key Recovery is the program which works with pre-loaded Operating System only.OKR software helps users to restore system to factory default using a button, take backup and create factory recovery partition. The file of backup will be stored in a hidden partition or some content in computer hard disk. Due to full system backup, after we recover the backup, the computer only will restore to the status that you backed up system. In general, the status is new computer you bought. Usually, all brandy computers have onekey recovery button or hotkey to let users to recover system once system crashing. If your computer breaks down, you can use onekey recovery to restore system.

However, there are some flaws to restore system with build-in onekey recovery software:

  • If you reinstall system, you can't use it to recover system.

  • If you change the size of partition, you can't use it to recovery system.

In general, there are two kind of OneKey Recovery software: brandy computer OneKey Recovery and third-party OneKey Recovery.

  • Brandy computer OneKey Recovery: The Lenovo OneKey Recovery 8.0 is software preloaded on Lenovo, idea laptops, designed to back up and restore your computer. You can use it to restore the system partition to its original status in case of a system failure. You can also create user backups for easy restoration as required.


  • Third-party OneKey Recovery: AOMEI OneKey Recovery 2.0 can run on any desktops, PCs that are shipped with Windows system. It can backup system to local disk and create factory recovery partition, also, can backup system to external disk. restore function can restore backup image to orginal place or dissimilar hardwares.


If you want to get OneKey Recovery download and create factory recovery partition, please click here.

The difference between onekey recovery and reinstalling system

Onekey recovery is similar to reinstalling system, in the conception of most users. Actually ,they are two completely different conceptions. Comparing with onekey recovery, the process of reinstalling operating system is more perplexed.

  • The time reinstalling operating system is usually longer than backing up system.

  • After reinstalling system, you have to reinstall programs or applications in hard drive. On the contrary, If you back up system with OneKey Recovery, all software on system partition will be backed up as well. All software can be restored completely, and you don't need to reinstall them.

So, if you are green hand using computer,using onekey recovery is more simple and convenient than reinstalling computer system. but, if you are geek using computer, onekey recovery may not satisfy you.

The feature of OneKey Recovery

Onekey recovery is used to recover computer system, when your computer operating system goes wrong, you can restore your system with onekey recovery. But, computer will be recovered to status that were backed up before. Once computer was attacked, computer would be restored to the factory setting when you press "OneKey Recovery" this button. It saves your time and money. Every coin has two sides, so does onekey recovery.

The advantage of onekey recovery

  • It is good for green hand using computer. As just mentioned above, it can help common users to back up system, when computer crash, you can use onekey recovery to restore your system.

  • It is less complicated than reinstalling computer system. you don’t have to prepare DVD/CD, USB, or some other software.

The disadvantage of onekey recovery

  • It will occupy the space of your computer. There must be a recovery partition hidden in computer, and It mainly contains the system image. When you start onekey recovery, the system image will work and the system that you backed up before will restore form hidden partition to drive C.