Free Drive Image Software to Backup Data

October 29, 2019

There is free drive image software for all computer users. It can backup the operating systems, disks and partitions to an image file. Apart from this, it also provides some additional features.

What Is Image?

Image refers to backup all the data, files or programs. It is usually used to do the recovery after the data loss. Generally speaking, there are two purposes to do the image. One is to restore the state to original after the system crashes, virus attacks or hardware breaks down. The other is to recover some files or data after being deleted or corrupted accidentally. It is a common thing of losing data, so image backup is much important. Here, I highly recommend you a free drive imaging software-AOMEI Backupper.

Different Types of Image Backup

The freeware can backup one or more disks, partitions and operating systems into an image file. It also supports to restore the disks or partitions into the pre-existing hard disks or volumes. Because different people have different requirements, there are three methods to backup.

  1. Full Backup: When backup first, it is the only way for you. It will backup all the data in the disk and it is the basis for the other two methods.

  2. Incremental Backup: It is only backup the new added or changed files. If you your data doesn't change, it is inaccessible.

  3. Differential Backup: It is nearly the same with incremental backup, but only backup changed files based on the first full backup. Meanwhile, it will not copy the varying files on the basis of the last backup.

Additional Features in Free Drive Imaging Software

  • Image Check: It has the function of validity check and will check whether the data is damaged or not in the pre-backup or after.

  • Image Scan: It will make the image files into a virtual partition. If you want to inspire the data in the files, it is available to see it through drive letter.

  • Bootable CD/DVD: When the system can not boot normally, you can restore it by recovering the image file from the applications in CD/DVD.

  • Backup to CD/DVD: It supports to directly backup image files into CD or DVD.

  • Restore from CD/DVD: If you keep the image files in CD/DVD, it permits you to restore the data from them.

  • Restart Mode: If the target partition can not be locked, you must enter into the pre-OS to recover them. It is based on the Linux and Windows PE.