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About DriveImage XML

DriveImage XML is a program for imaging and backing up partitions and logical drives in Windows operating systems. One can use DriveImage XML to backup drives, browse images, restore images, copy from drive to drive, and schedule automatic backups using Windows Task Scheduler. Its image creations use Microsoft Volume Shadow Services (VSS), allowing you to create “hot images”.

This program provides two different versions for its users, Private edition and Commercial edition. The Private edition of DriveImage XML can only be installed on user’s home PC, meaning it cannot be used commercially. There is no tech support for the Private edition, either. DriveImage XML runs under Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10, and Windows Server 2003/2008.

DriveImage XML

Why need DriveImage XML alternative?

DriveImage XML actually is a handy imaging utility, yet there are still many DriveImage XML alternatives on the website. Generally speaking, there are some limitations that DriveImage XML has compared to regular imaging software. 

First of all, you cannot run DriveImage XML in latest Windows Server 2012/2016/2019 currently, which means it doesn’t keep abreast of lately technology, on Windows OS at least. It is used to image partitions and logical drives instead of the entire disk, so you cannot backup the whole disk with it.

What’s more, as mentioned before, you cannot use the Private edition for commercial use and cannot get support from them unless you purchase the Commercial edition. They ask users to go and find the solution on the documentation or search the Internet for the problem occurring. It seems they give you the product and instructions and then abandon you. 

Besides, DriveImage only supports restoring your data to a partition that is exactly the same size as or larger than the original partition regardless of the data size. It is quite inconvenient since more and more users want to restore or move OS to smaller SSD nowadays.

Free alternative to DriveImage XML

AOMEI Backupper Standard is DriveImage XML like software but with more powerful features. This software has almost all functions in DriveImage XML. It is free for Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7 and their previous versions. You might want its Server edition specialized for Windows Server if you’re running one.

  • You are able to backup system drive, partitions, and disks and restore all of them later using AOMEI Backupper.

  • It supports backing up to NAS, external hard drive, shared network, OneDrive, and Google Drive, etc.

  • You are able to configure auto backup. The scheduled backup will run in the way of incremental backup by default.

  • It can create images using VSS, and when the VSS goes wrong, it offers you its built-in technique to keep backing up data without interrupting.

  • It also offers you disk clone and partition/volume clone options when you want to upgrade the old-fashioned hard disk to a better one. 

Now download AOMEI Backupper and use it to backup your PC on a regular basis.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Schedule backup entire disk with AOMEI Backupper

Step 1. Install and start DriveImage XML alternative - AOMEI Backupper. If you want to backup disk to external hard drive, connect it with your PC first and make sure it can be detected by Windows. Click Backup and then Disk Backup.

Disk Backup

Step 2. Click Add Disk to select the source disk you want to back up.

Add Disk

Step 3. Select a destination path to save the disk image. An external hard drive, USB flash drive, or Share/NAS is supported.

Select Backup Destination

Step 4. Click Schedule to set regular backup plans just like in DriveImage XML.

Schedule Settings General

Step 5. Click Start Backup > Add the schedule and start backup now to run the first backup.

Start Backup

Tips: You can customize compression level, VSS mode, and email notification in Options.


It is very easy to use DriveImage XML alternative to back up your entire disk. AOMEI Backupper allows you to create bootable media and backup hard drive without booting Windows as well. You can also clone hard drive with bad sectors using this software when you find the old disk damaged and want to replace it.