By Teresa / Last Updated June 3, 2019

Protect data with HP USB image tool

Most USB flash drives have the capability of storing and transferring data, more often be used as bootable devices in recent years, so as to HP USB drive. Many important files, documents, photos etc will be stored on USB drive and delivered to other places later maybe. The USB drives that used as bootable device are equally important since they contain operating system images and boot files in most cases.


To make an image of the USB sticks is probably the best way to protect contents on the drive. If it contains only files, you may make a full image for it and incremental backup it later with USB automatic backup software. This is quite helpful when you plan to add or modify files regularly to USB drive at some special period, like writing thesis before graduation. If the USB drive contains boot files, you may copy this USB to another USB to make duplication.

HP USB image utility – AOMEI Backupper

There are many USB image tools in Windows, which one is the best for your HP USB or Kingston USB? The USB image tool you choose should be able to make different backup images, such as full backup, incremental backup and differential backup to meet various situation’s needs. What’s more, it should support scheduled backup like in daily, weekly, monthly mode so that the data won’t be missed if you are busy with other businesses. Likewise, it better manage the backup images smartly, say auto delete old and/or repeated backup images when you set once. This is one good strategy to save storage space. More importantly, the backup image of HP USB drive should be protected, by password protection for instance. Last but not least, it should allow you to make image backup for bootable USB drive, or to clone bootable USB flash drive to other safe devices.

All aforementioned features as well as many unlisted ones bring you the best USB image tool AOMEI Backupper Professional. It is an all-around backup and recovery solution designed for Windows-based computers. Therefore, restore backup images from USB drive is also available in AOMEI Backupper. In addition, you are allowed to backup HP USB flash drive to internal/external hard drive, CD/DVD and NAS/Share network etc. For advanced users, this program provides command line backup and restore function to break the tether of graphic interface. Download its free trial to learn how to image HP USB drive.

HP USB image guide via AOMEI Backupper

1. Connect the HP USB stick to any Windows-based computer. Be sure it was detected by Windows. Install and start AOMEI Backupper. Choose Backup and click Disk Backup.

Disk Backup

2. Select HP USB flash drive as the source disk.

Select Source Disk

Select HP USB

3. Select the destination location for the USB image backup. You may place the image to hard drive or another USB drive.

Select Destination Path

4. Set personal configurations by clicking Backup Options, Schedule and Scheme. Then click Start Backup when you’re ready.

Start Backup

Tips: The destination hard drive should be formated before you can write to it.

Look, is it easy to operate when image HP USB drive? Within several clicks, all data on USB drive is been protected quite well. AOMEI Backupper is also good Kingston USB image tool, in fact, all brands of USB drives. Except for imaging USB flash drive, this software supports imaging HDD, SSD, OS etc to other devices. Therefore, it is not a bad choice to use AOMEI Backupper to protect your Windows. For example, you can image Windows Server 2012 to new hard drive with its Server edition, or copy operating system drive to flash drive. Besides, AOMEI Backupper is perfect alternative to DriveImage XML due to its easy-to-use interface.

Besides HP USB image tool, it's still considered as a USB clone tool, which can help you clone USB drive, even bootable USB flash drive. Just download it and enjoy now.