How to Load Backup on iPhone 13, 14? [2023]

How to load backup on iPhone 13? Here in this article, some official methods and some related suggestions are provided.


By Lora / Updated on June 16, 2023

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“Help! How to install backup on iPhone 13?”

Since iPhone 13 was released, some iPhone 13 users may have created loads of data on their devices. To store their data, some chose to back up their data using iTunes or iCloud out of precautions.

Then, at some point, a number of users need to restore their iPhone 13 from backup. They are wondering how to load backup on iPhone 13.

When do you need to do so? Here are some scenarios you may have met.

✐ Users accidentally deleted their data and wanted to recover deleted data from iPhone 13.

✐ Users wanted to restore iPhone to previous date.

✐ Users got new devices and needed to transfer their data.

✐ Devices malfunction occurs and users chose to reset their devices to fix it, then they had to install backup on iPhone 13.

Then, how to restore iPhone 13 from backup? Two safe methods are provided in the next part, check them below.

How to load backup on iPhone 13?


The two storage schemes that Apple has offered can be utilized here: iCloud and iTunes. Users could use iCloud Backup to back up their data on remote servers while using iTunes, users can create local backups to save on their computers. A backup can help users easily recover lost data: you could recover deleted notes from iPhone 13.

Method 1. Restore iPhone 13 from backup using iCloud

How to load a backup on iPhone 13? The iCloud Backup can save almost all app data on an iDevice, including device settings, iMessage, SMS, photos and videos, etc.

The photos and videos that have been already synced on iCloud will not be stored in your iCloud Backup. But you could get them by signing into your iCloud account and connecting to WiFi. 
Using this method will erase all the current data on your device. To avoid data loss, it is recommended to back up your iPhone first. 
Before restoring, please verify you have selected the correct backup sorting by time and size.

Step 1. Go to “General” > “Reset” > “Erase All Content and Settings”. Input your passcode.


Step 2. Then set up your iPhone > connect to a WiFi network > “Apps & Data” > “Restore from iCloud Backup” > sign in with your iCloud Apple ID. Choose a backup to recover from.


Thus, you could safely load backup on iPhone 13.

Method 2. Restore iPhone 13 from backup using iTunes

How to load backup on iPhone 13? The iTunes backup almost covers all contents and settings on your device. Using iTunes, you could install backup on iPhone 13 pretty completely.

Because restoring would wipe all data on your device, it is strongly advised that you back up your data first. 
To avoid overwriting previous backups while using iTunes to back up your data, go to “Edit” > “Preferences” > “Devices” > right-click on your backup > “Archive”. 
If the backup you made previously is not encrypted, you cannot get your private data like Health data, Activity Data, etc. Make sure to tick “Encrypt Local Backup” to make it easy to restore Health data on iPhone.

Step 1. Run the latest version of iTunes, and connect your iPhone via a charging cable.


Step 2. Find the “iPhone” icon.


Step 3. Go to “Summary” > “Back Up Now” to create a full backup of your current data.


Step 4. Click "Restore Backup”.


As a result, you'll be able to see the backups you've created. Choose the one you require and restore iPhone 13 from backup.

Bonus tip: How to back up your data selectively?

Many users use iTunes and iCloud to back up their data. Using these two features, they could create a full backup of their data and back up their apps’ data. But to back up data selectively, it is recommended to use a third-party backup program.

FoneTool can back up your data with its great features. “Photos Backup” can save your photos data safely; “Custom Backup” enables you back up your data flexibly.

In this article, two official methods about how to load backup on iPhone 13 have been given in detail; in addition, a software recommendation is also offered to help users back up data selectively.

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