How to Pick Hard Disk Partition Recovery Tools?

Need hard disk partition recovery tools but don’t know how to select one? Detailed info is gathered here to help you find one; check it out.


By Lora / Updated on November 29, 2022

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Which tool can recover deleted or lost partitions?

Hard disks are divided into several proportions to assist users in storing and accessing different data. These parts on the hard disks are called “Partitions”.

You might have used some tools to manage the partitions on your hard drives. Out of different purposes, you will create, merge, shrink, delete, format partitions, etc.

Deleting and formatting are dangerous for these operations because they might lead to data loss.


Accidentally deleted partition; what software do you prefer?


I accidentally made a mistake and already deleted a wrong-selected partition with data on it through the diskpart app on win10. I have a backup of course but some of the files are not included in the last backup.

It is my home pc, not a big deal but I would like to recover the partition. Is there a good and free app to do that kind of task? Or what do you prefer from these commercial apps to buy for home users?


- Question from Windows 10 Forums


If you are facing the same dilemma – you have accidentally deleted partitions on hard disks, then you must perform partition recovery as quickly as possible. Or your precious data in it will be overwritten by new data in every further operation.

Then, what’s the definition of partition recovery? How to recover deleted partitions?

What is partition recovery?

Partition recovery is a process in which users utilize partition recovery software or tools to get partitions back after deletion/formation/system crash, etc.

Usually, it is hard for users to retrieve deleted partitions independently, so turning to good hard disk partition recovery tools is a wise step.

Then, how to pick partition recovery software?


How to pick hard disk partition recovery tools?

Plenty of factors are to be taken into consideration.

◆ Capability. A good partition recovery utility is supposed to be efficient in partition rescue. Sometimes it is also required to be able to perform partition file recovery while recovering the lost partition.

◆ Usability. Software should provide users with an easy, intuitive, efficient, and secure user experience. A user-centered design causes no pressure and frustration when being used by users.

◆ Compatibility. It refers to the ability of a program to faultlessly (almost) work or run on different operating systems; for Windows, a utility needs to support Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, etc. Also forward/backward compatibility is essential as well.

◆ Security. The importance of security is self-evident. No users want software that is unsafe, unclean, illegal or bundled with viruses.

Is there any hard disk partition tool that can meet users’ needs and satisfaction?

Your second-to-none choice - AOMEI Partition Recovery Software

Of course, yes. AOMEI Partition Assistant, the top 1st hard disk partition recovery tool, devotes itself to offering the most outstanding user experience; it possesses excellent features, warm-hearted support, an intuitive user interface, and so on.

Using this program, all users could effortlessly restore deleted partitions from external hard drives or internal disks, from HDD, SSD, USB, and SD card, to all storage devices.

As long as no overwriting occurs, partitions are recoverable with the data in it kept.

Competitive. Developed by AOMEI, the leading benchmark in the data recovery industry, and supported by a great and sophisticated team, it is efficient and excellent. 
Convenient. With a graphical user interface and easy steps, it can help users retrieve lost partitions in a breeze. 
Compatible. It supports almost all Windows OS, Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP/Server, and so on. All file systems can work with it perfectly – NTFS/FAT/FAT32/exFAT/ReFS/ext3/ext4, etc.

Follow the guide to learn how to recover deleted partitions.

Download Demo Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Run AOMEI Partition Assistant > Partition recovery wizard > select the affected drive > click Next.


Step 2. Select a search method to locate the deleted partitions. Fast Search is recommended for the first time to save you time. If failed, try Full Search.


Step 3. Choose the detected partitions you need to restore > Proceed.


Then after processing, you could get the lost partition back with ease. This professional hard disk partition recovery software always devotes itself to scanning hard disks for deleted partitions for users.

Partition recovery FAQ

Users who need to recover deleted partitions can refer to this article and learn how to choose satisfying hard disk partition recovery tools.

Also, you may have many questions when using your PC and partitions. Check here to see if you have a similar problem. A good partition recovery software can help you out.

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