By Lora / Last update May 6, 2022

The same as all the Windows users, you may be prone to make some improper operations like inattentively deleting some partitions on the hard drive or carelessly opening some malware, eventually finding your PC refusing to work, popping up warning windows, and losing your partitions.

But take it easy, please. This is not doomsday, you still have something to do to pull strongly against a crazy tide.

To know how to recover deleted partitions, you might as well take a closer look at some possible causes of partition loss.

Common causes of partition loss

Accidental deletion. During your managing the hard drive, it is possible for you to do some deletion incautiously.

Virus attack. If your PC is attacked by a virus or malware, without running antivirus software, your partition may get inaccessible.

Unexpected shutdown. Due to a power outage or sudden shutdown while you’re performing resizing, converting, or formatting, your PC or hard drive may run into malfunction status, which might lead to partition loss.

Partition table corruption/ loss. Once a lost or corrupted partition table appears on your PC, your partition will be unable to read or write.

Bad sectors. Negligence in the maintenance of the hard disk, such as the hard disk being bumped or shaken violently, may cause bad sectors on the hard disk, resulting in damage to the partition.

Several possible reasons for partition loss are listed above, check whether they meet your situation. After getting to know about some of the possible reasons for partition loss, you may wonder how to recover deleted partitions in Windows 10. 

Methods of deleted partition recovery

Therefore, the solutions are listed below. Please choose the method that suits you according to your needs and situation.

Method 1. Recover deleted partition with Disk Management

If you find your partition missing in the File Explorer, it may be shown as “Unallocated” in the Disk Management. At this time, the embedded convenient tool Disk Management can be at your service.

Step 1. Start Control Panel, and click System and Security.


Step 2. Find Administrative tools, and click Create and format hard disk partitions, which lies on the lower part of this window.


Step 3. Right-click on the drive in which your deleted partition lies, and click Change Drive Letter and Paths.


Step 4. Go to Add to continue your operation.


Step 5. Check if Assign the following drive letter is successfully ticked, then assign a letter to name it, and commit your change by clicking OK. Here remember to assign a drive letter that has never been used before.


Check if this method functions well, if not, follow the below one to perform deleted partition recovery with ease.

Method 2. Recover deleted partition easily with AOMEI Partition Assistant

Luckily we can restore accidentally deleted partition easily with the help of the professional program. To recover deleted partitions in Windows 10 without inconvenience, here is a better choice to utilize the credible third-party tool, AOMEI Partition Recovery software. With its concise and explicit interface, it is easy to use.

Tips: Fast Search” enables the lost or deleted partition to be quickly found, which is highly recommended and preferred by users. “Full Search” enables each sector of the disk to be deeply scanned, that is to say, it is time-consuming.

Step 1. Download and launch the AOMEI Partition Assistant Demo version on your PC.

Download Demo Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Find Wizards on the left side of this window, and click Partition Recovery Wizard. Locate the disk that needs to be recovered, then click Next to continue.


Step 3. Choose a search mode you prefer to search and scan your disk.


Step 4. After the disk is scanned, the deleted partition will be presented in the list box, choose the partition you want to recover, and click Proceed.


Then you will receive a congratulation notice, which means you have successfully performed deleted partition recovery.

Bonus tips: precautions to avoid partition loss

After knowing how to recover deleted partition, let’s talk about precautions. To avoid running into the same or similar dilemma in the future, you might just as well take some prevention measures as follows.

  • Back up your partitions on an external device. Or you can use the Disk Clone feature to backup your disk.
  • Always keep your PC running in a clean and dry environment if you don’t want your device to be damaged by dirt and liquid.
  • Keep away from spam, malware, or dangerous sites which contain viruses with extremely high possibilities.
  • Utilize and update antivirus software regularly to protect your disk.
  • Do not shut down your PC suddenly. Instead, you’d better keep the battery of your device enough charged all the time. Alternatively, you can use an uninterruptable power supply to prevent your device from being influenced by the power peak.

Losing partitions means you may lose your valuable files and data, and undoubtedly, no one wants to go through such an experience. Therefore, it is sagacious for you to develop the habit of data synchronization and backup to ensure data security.

If you have never performed any backup before, start right now to minimize the loss you may suffer from losing any data in the future!

Or also, if you are facing data loss right now, and you want to recover a specific type of data, you could utilize AOMEI Data Recovery for Windows, which can restore deleted data from a hard disk with the original format/filename/path kept intact.