The Best Partition Recovery Software in Windows 10

The best partition recovery software in Windows 10 could help you recover deleted partitions on hard disks with ease.


By Lora / Updated on November 29, 2022

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The Best Partition Recovery Software in Windows 10

Partitioning is essential when utilizing a new hard drive. Generally, we divide it into several parts to store different files. But it will be a great headache for users when partition loss occurs, causing file loss.

Users might delete a partition by mistake, causing an unallocated space, and need to solve the unallocated partition recovery issue.


Now, users need to perform partition recovery Windows 10 after encountering partition loss. Then how to conduct lost partition recovery on a hard disk in Windows 10?

Partition recovery software, which is used to recover lost or deleted partitions in the hard drive, is suitable for accidental deletion of hard disk partitions and other situations.

Here partition recovery software is now necessary to assist you to recover deleted partitions in Windows.

Why is partition recovery software in Windows 10 necessary?

Though partition is a logical concept to divide the hard drive for storage needs, which users cannot actually touch or see, users take advantage of it in their everyday life.

Once a user has accidentally deleted partitions, the loss that users will go through is unbearable, especially when the deleted partition was used to store contracts, learning materials, precious family photos, and so on.

Moreover, many users may accidentally format their hard drives and lose all content on the drives.


One can never imagine how users repent of their improper and hasty deletion and find it irreversible without a partition recovery tool. Then how to pick out a useful partition recovery program?

How to choose a good partition recovery software in Windows 10?

When users choose satisfactory software, what factors will be taken into consideration? Check it out in the list below.

Performance.  The priority users take into consideration is the capability of the software. So we need to choose one that can recover files from different types of storage media.

User experience. The convenience and design of the interface will affect the interaction experience. Users prefer a user-friendly interface design that is easy to operate and visually pleasing.

User reviews. Similar to online shopping, except for the pictures offered by shopkeepers, users will also think much of the users’ reviews.

Price. When choosing software, users first hope that they can solve the problem without cost. If not, they also have their budget. So choose a software according to your preference and budget.

Compatibility. Microsoft's desktop operating system market share in the past year reached nearly 75%; mac OS accounted for almost 16%. Since the device may be replaced in the future, users need to pick out software with high compatibility.

Users can deal with the danger of partition loss with a reliable partition recovery tool.


The best partition recovery software in Windows 10/11

To successfully perform lost partition recovery in Windows 10, it is highly recommended that users turn to a credible partition recovery software—AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro.

As a professional partition manager, this third-party tool possesses numerous astonishing features.

Easy. With a simple user interface, all users could operate it without problems. 
Efficient. Scan and recover deleted and lost partitions within several minutes. 
Convenient. Keep all data in it intact as long as no data overwriting happens. 
Compatible. It is available on all Windows operating systems: Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista. You could also use it to recover the missing partition in Windows 7

Versatile. It also enables users to manage the partition flexibly: resize/create/merge/convert/ the partitions smartly.

Now check the steps to recover deleted partitions.

Tips:Fast Search” facilitates users to detect the lost partition quickly, while “Full Search” will scan sectors one by one, try this one when “Fast Search” fails. Correspondingly, “Full Search” will take longer, please wait in patience.
Download Demo Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Download and enjoy the Pro Demo version. Find Partition Recovery Wizard on the sidebar, and select the disk that contains your lost partition. Then click Next.


Step 2. Two types of search modes are prepared for you, select “Fast Search”, then click Next.


Step 3. The deleted or lost partition will be listed in the list box, select the one you need to restore, and click Proceed.


Then a congratulation notice will be sent and your deleted or missing partition will be successfully retrieved.

It works well with external hard disks as well. You could recover deleted volume on external hard drives using it.


In this post, the necessity of partition recovery software in Windows 10, the factors of choosing a recovery tool, and the best partition recovery software have been elaborated on.

It is undoubtedly that partition loss is a common issue. But to perform a lost partition recovery takes much work.

Luckily we can turn to a reliable partition recovery tool.  To restore deleted partitions successfully, it will be a feasible attempt to use a professional tool.

What’s more, if you are looking for approaches to recover data from partitions on hard disks, MyRecover will be of great help.

As a trustworthy application, it scans the hard disk to locate all the deleted and missing data. What's more, it supports data recovery while scanning, and can keep the original filename of your precious data.

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