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I was on disk management on my computer and I right-clicked on my portable hard drive and accidentally clicked delete partition how do I fix this. My hard drive won’t show up in my computer or disk management.”


- Question from TechSpot


Many users choose to use an external hard drive to back up or store their data when the computer itself does not have enough storage space or is considered space-saving.


Similar to when using a computer's disk, users will also partition the external hard disk to store different types of data and files so that files can be accessed and stored easily.

However, as we all know, external hard drives require large power consumption. If you do not pay attention to maintaining sufficient power and power connection, it is easy to accidentally encounter a power shortage or outage during use to cause partition loss.

Solving the problem of partition loss caused by accidental power failure and accidental deletion of an external hard drive is a major problem for users.

So, how to recover external hard drive partition in Windows 10/11? Before moving on to the solvation, let’s get an overview of it first.

Overview of external hard drive partition

It’s a good choice to get a primary and rough impression of external hard drives before going to the solutions of external hard drive partition recovery. In this part, users can get to know about what is the external hard drive and the reason why partitions of external hard drives get lost.

What is the external hard drive?

External hard drive, also known as a portable storage device, mainly refers to a small and portable hard drive that can transmit data to the system at a relatively high speed. The external hard drive has edges of small size, high speed, high security, and convenience.

"Minimize volume, maximize capacity" is a trend in portable storage devices, and using an external hard drive to back up important data is an efficient and secure way to back up.

Why do external hard drive partitions get lost?

As with the use of a normal hard drive, there are some unexpected conditions or failures that can cause partitions to be lost when using an external hard drive.

Power outage. The power consumption of the external hard drive is much larger than that of the flash drive, and if the power supply is insufficient, it can easily lead to read and write errors or even an unrecognizable drive, and partitions are lost.

Accidental deletion. To err is human. Maybe you're careless to delete a partition, or you might delete a partition on a whim and quickly repent. 

Partition Table failure. Unexpected power outages, boot zone viruses, and so on can cause partition table error, resulting in partition loss.

Virus intrusion. Boot sector viruses can cause partition tables failure, and "Non-System disk or disk error, replace the disk and press a key to reboot" prompt may occur when you start your computer, at this time not only partitions may be lost, but also you may not even be able to enter the system.

3 steps to recover external hard drive partition in Windows 10/11

To recover external hard drive partition in Windows 10/11, it is highly recommended for you to choose a powerful software—AOMEI Partition Assistant, as it can meet your need and satisfaction to recover your lost partitions.

★Highlights of AOMEI Partition Assistant:
Pleasing design: Concise and explicit interface.
User-friendly operation. It is designed to serve users with simple steps, which is easy to operate even for a green hand without any computer expertise.
Powerful tech. As a benchmark for hard disk partition software, it is developed by a team with over 10 years of experience and keeps abreast of cutting-edge technologies.
Compatible. It supports types of storage devices like traditional SSD, SSHD, external hard drives, all Flash Drives, RAID, etc. In addition, it supports Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP OS.

As a trusty software, it can help you get your lost partition back within 3 easy steps, now download a Demo version to have a try!

Download Demo Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Do not try to format the external hard drive.
To minimize your loss, please do not perform any read and write operation to your lost partition.
Fast Search” helps you locate your lost partition quickly, it is recommended to choose this method first, if it fails, choose “Full Search” to scan every sector of the selected disk. It may cost longer, please wait patiently.
If you are using Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, etc., please upgrade it into Server Edition.

Step 1. Install and run the AOMEI Partition Assistant software.

Step 2. Find “Wizards” in the sidebar, click “Partition Recovery Wizard”. Select a disk that contains your lost partition, then click “Next”.


Step 3. Two types of search methods are offered here. Choose one that fits your preference, click “Next”.


Step 4. Then the detected partitions will be listed in the list box, select the one you need to recover, and click “Proceed” to begin recovery.


When you see a congratulation prompt, you will have successfully performed external hard drive partition recovery. What's more, you could also use this tool to recover deleted partition on hard disks.

Related suggestions

The definition of external hard drive, reasons for external hard drive partition loss, and most importantly, methods to conduct external hard drive partition recovery have been introduced at quite a full length.

Besides, to prevent a future risk as much as possible, here are some related suggestions for you.

  • Backup your cherished data is always the best bet and will do no harm to your drive.
  • Use the external storage device with care to avoid bumps.
  • Keep your PC, hard drive, and other devices away from liquid and heat.
  • Keep a regular update habit of your devices and software.
  • Take advantage of Antivirus programs to protect your PC and hard drive away from virus attacks.

In addition, when need to recover data from external hard disks, AOMEI Data Recovery for Windows will be the second to none choice, which can assist you to scan and fetch data back very easily and quickly.