Tutorial: Western Digital My Book Partition Recovery

Don’t know how to perform Western Digital My Book partition recovery? This article gathers multiple methods to help you recover deleted partitions.


By Lora / Updated on December 20, 2022

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Can deleted partitions be recovered from WD My Book?

My Book is a series of Western Digital external hard drives, which appears like a black hardcover book. Presently, there are three products in this series: My Book, My Book Duo, and My Book AV-TV.

External hard drives are commonly used for storing and backing private and confidential data. However, sometimes they come across a slew of issues as well. Partition and data loss are the most prevalent.

Some users have accidentally deleted partitions from their WD My Book drives. And now they are wondering how to perform Western Digital My Book Partition Recovery.


HELP - recover My Book Duo deleted partition


I have a My Book Duo; one day, when I installed Windows, within the Windows installer, I accidentally selected the Duo drive and deleted its partition.

Is there any way I could recover the Duo data? Either WD utility or maybe using some other third-party software? Help is really appreciated.


- Question from Western Digital Community



If you are one of them, don’t be that upset; this guide can help you in WD My Book recovery.

Before coming to the solution part, it is better to introduce some major reasons for partition loss on WD My Book.

Common causes of partition loss on Western Digital My Book

The partitions of the WD My Book external hard drive may be lost due to accidental deletion, system errors, drive formatting, virus infection, and improper operation.

Here are some detailed reasons that cause WD My Book partition loss.

 Virus/Malware attacks. The My Book live series was attacked by malware around June 23, 2021, leading to data loss for many users of My Book Live and My Book Live Duo network attached storage (NAS) devices.

Improper partitioning operation. Using unreliable partitioning tools, unintended repartitioning, etc., may result in damage and loss.

Accidental deleting/formatting. Users may remove the partitions or accidentally format the hard drive while managing their disks.

Software errors. Software errors or incompatible software can cause inaccessible drive and partition loss.

Partition table corruption. Viruses, a sudden power surge or outrage, and improper operation can cause a partition table error, leading to partition loss. To solve it, users need to recover partition table.

Rest assured, the deleted partitions are marked as inaccessible on the drive after deletion. As long as the new data are not overwritten in the hard disk, it is still possible to recover them.

Then, users could check how to perform WD my book recovery in the next part.

How to perform Western Digital My Book Partition Recovery?

It is pretty challenging for ordinary users without expertise, knowledge, and experience in partition recovery. In addition, it will be dangerous to make further operations that may overwrite the data.

Instead, to ensure Western Digital My Book recovery goes well, taking advantage of professional partition recovery software, AOMEI Partition Assistant is highly recommended.

It is equipped with efficient features to help you restore lost or deleted partitions from HDD/SSD/USB/SD card, etc., within only 3 easy steps.

Recover deleted/missing partition at a high speed and recovery rate.
Meanwhile, data in it will be kept intact as long as no overwriting occurs.
Support all Windows operating systems: Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista.
Compatible with NTFS/exFAT/FAT32/ext3, etc. You could also use it to recover ext4 partitions.

Its powerful built-in feature makes it easier to recover the lost partition on the WD My Book drive.

Troubleshoot before performing WD my book partition recovery

Before recovering the partition, it is necessary to carry out troubleshooting actions. Check it here about what you need to do.

  • Check if the WD drive is properly connected to the PC. If you discover a poor connection, try another cable.
  • Check if there are weird sounds while running the WD My Book. If so, back up your existing important data as soon as possible.
  • Check if the PC runs well when disconnecting/connecting the WD My Book drive. If not, try to connect the WD drive to another computer.

It should be noted that if the WD My Book is physically damaged, please immediately ask for help from a data recovery service near you to save your data.

Conduct WD my book data recovery using AOMEI Partition Assistant  

Now, it is time to carry out Western Digital My Book recovery using a reliable third-party tool, AOMEI Partition Assistant.

When you accidentally delete the partition of WD My Book, it may be shown as “Unallocated” in Disk Management, which means you need to recover unallocated partition.

Here, a helpful feature, Partition Recovery Wizard, can be your helper. Install AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Demo on your computer; you could enjoy the free trial.

Tips: Please connect your WD My Book properly to your PC via a compatible USB cable, and do not unplug it during the process.
Download Demo Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Go to Wizards > Partition Recovery Wizard. Locate your WD My Book drive which contains your lost partition, then click Next.


Step 2. Choose Fast Search, then click Next. Fast Search enables you to navigate to your lost partition quickly; if it fails, try Full Search.


Step 3. Select the detected partition and click Proceed.


When finished, a congratulation pop-up window will show and you will have successfully performed WD My Book partition recovery.

Maintenance of WD My Book

To prolong the lifespan of your WD My Book, here are some suggestions about usage and maintenance.

  • Unplug your WD drive only after powering off your PC.
  • Please do not drop or shake it.
  • Please do not move it while charging.
  • Keep it working in an environment between 41°F - 95°F. To avoid overheating, please do not cover the ventilation slot.

How do I recover data from my WD MyBook?

Moreover, if you are seeking means to recover data from WD My Book partitions or hard disks, turning to MyRecover is a good choice for the sake of time and labor.

This tool scans your hard disk at a very high speed and supports selecting certain types of data to recover.

To perform Western Digital My Book partition recovery, users could first troubleshoot, give preconditioning, and then use a trusty program to conduct WD My Book recovery.

Furthermore, paying attention to maintenance is advisable.

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