By Cherry / Last Updated March 18, 2016

Mount Clonezilla image to restore single file

Clonezilla is a fabulous software that supports you backup, restore, clone partitions and drives for both Linux and Windows operating systems. Clonezilla is free and many users use it to backup data so that they can restore data once they need.

However, you will find its shortage: with Clonezilla, you can only restore complete partitions or drives, that means Clonezilla does not support you restore single file. But there still has a way to solve it--mount Clonezilla image into an img-file to restore single file. However, convert the whole image into an img-file may form a big file and if you have no enough free disk space, you unable mount Clonezilla image. Fortunately, this article brings you another simple and easy way to help you get rid of the difficult to backup and restore single file.

AOMEI Backupper: the good alternative to Clonezilla

AOMEI Backupper is also a free software for Windows users. It supports Windows 10/8/7, and Windows Vista/XP. If you are using Windows Server OSes, it has the special edition for Windows Server. This software is more powerful than Clonezilla. You can not only use it to backup, restore, clone partitions and drives, but also single file, and it is far beyond this. To backup and restore single file, you can reference the following steps:

Create single file image

Step1.Download this freeware, install and launch it. You can see its easy-to-use interface. Click Backup, then, selectFile Backup.

File Backup

Step2. Here you can choose the single file you want to backup. Add it and select a destination place to store it on. Click Next.

My File Backup

Step3. Before clicking Start Backup, you can set a schedule backup for this file so that when you add or change some data, it will be backed up automatically as the schedule you set before.

Start Backup

After backing file up, you can restore the file if it has been deleted accidentally.

Restore single file

The AOMEI Backupper will create a small image for your single file. Do not worry that it may occupy a large space. To restore it with this freeware, you can do easily with a few steps.

Step1.Launch this progress. Select Restore, if the file you want to store is at the list, select it here and click Next. If the file isn’t here, click Path to find it.

Select Image

Step2. Then, you can select a backup time point to restore.

Select Image

Step3. Confirm the information of this image.

Restore Place

Step4.Decide the destination path to restore your file. You can restore to original location or to a new location. Click Start Restore.

File Restore

To sum up, the AOMEI Backupper is a good alternative to Clonezilla for Windows users. You can also restore single file from partition or disk backup image. It is more flexible than Clonezilla.