Introduction of Image File

What is image file? It is similar to ZIP compressed package and it refers to make a series of specific files into a single file according to a certain format which is convenient for users to download and use, for example, a test version of the operating system, games etc. Image not only has "synthetic" function of ZIP compression package, its main feature is that it can be recognized by specific software to be burned on disks directly. An image file can contain more information, such as file system, boot file, and partition table information etc., like this, the image file can contain a partition or all information of a hard drive. Usually burning software supports file contents that can be burned directly to disks, USB, CD/DVD or some other removable devices. AOMEI Backupper is a good choice.

Under Which Circumstances Should You Create Disk Image?

During using computer, some errors will lead computer cannot run or lost all data, and if you once created disk image, computer can be restored to primary condition. To restore data, in that way, under which circumstances should we create disk image? Look at the follows:

  • The disk is instable. Some disks are old or are at critical point, it will work very instability. Sometimes it is normal, but sometimes is wrong.

  • There are some bad sectors on disks. It’s hard to copy data under the desktop operating system for a disk which contains bad sectors. Reading the disk bad sectors for a long time will lead disk overloaded and disk failure.

  • Data is deleted because of mistakes and wrong partition operation.

  • Replace the head assembly. Magnetic head damage may hurt the disks. When replacing the head assembly, it may also cause minor damage on some disks because of the inevitable factors.

  • Array recovery. In many cases, the number of disk array is large, so it is difficult to restore for accessing all arrays.

How to Create Disk Image?

To avoid all data losing and to restore computer to primary condition, we should create disk image. How do we create disk image with AOMEI Backupper? AOMEI Backupper is a backup software which can backup files, folders, partitions and disks. There are some steps as following to guide you for creating disk image.

Step 1: Firstly, under “Backup” table, click “Disk Backup”.


Step 2: Name the “Task Name” as the image’s name, and choose a disk which you want to backup and an destination to store disk image.


Step3: Click “Start Backup”, then click “Finish”.


Step4: After you click “Finish”, it will come back to “Home”. Then click “Advanced” and choose “Explore backup” and you can see the image that you have created.


In conclusion, create disk image is necessary for users to avoid reinstalling system or losting many important data. After finishing disk backup, you can explore the image or check explore whether right so that data or system can be restored correctly.

1. In addition to create disk image, you should also can create file image, system image and partition image.
2. In addition to AOMEI Backupper Server, the Standard, Pro and Technician can also create disk image.