By Cherry / Last Updated July 7, 2020

Why need Seagate NAS backup software?

Seagate NAS

Seagate is a brand of data storage device. It is very popular in computer users. With the developing of technology, Seagate developed NAS device, which is widely used today. You use the Seagate NAS to share data on. However, even you shared the data to the Seagate NAS, it still faces the problem: data losing. There are still many accidents can cause data loss. So, it also should be protected. To ensure the security of your data on Seagate NAS, the most effective way is to backup your Seagate NAS. But how to do it?

Generally speaking, if you have a Seagate NAS backup software, backup Seagate NAS could be a very easy thing.

The Seagate NAS backup software AOMEI Backupper

Fortunately, there do have a powerful Seagate NAS backup software that can help you backup your Seagate NAS, or backup data to the Seagate NAS device, even you can use it to backup Seagate NAS to another Seagate NAS or any other NAS device or other hard drive (both external and internal hard drive). What’s more, it can works with all Windows OSes including Windows 10/8/7. Well, how to use this Seagate NAS backup software to backup your Seagate NAS? Here you can follow the detailed steps below.

Before you do that, you need to prepare for it.

1. The Seagate NAS device. Remember its display name or its IP address.

2. A destination disk where you can store the Seagate NAS backup image on. Like a local hard drive, or an external hard drive, USB drive, even another NAS device. Here we take an example of backing up Seagate NAS to an external hard drive.

After those preparing, you can start the Seagate NAS backup progress.

Step1. Connect the external hard drive to your computer, then, install and launch AOMEI Backupper. Then, it will display you its concise user interface. To backup Seagate NAS to an external hard drive, here you need to click Backup, select File Backup.

File Backup

Step2.Then, click Add File/Add Folder to select the files/folders you want to backup on your Seagate NAS device.

Add File

When you click Add File/Add Folder, it will pop out a window to choose the source data. Click Share/NAS.

Share NAS

In the new pop out window, click Add Share or NAS to open the window for adding your Seagate NAS device. Type its Display Name or its IP address in the box, click OK.

Type IP Address

Then, you will get into the Seagate NAS and you can select the files/folders in the list.

Tips:you can select multiple files/folders by repeating the steps above.

Step3.After choosing the source data, you need to select the external hard drive you plugged in at the beginning as the destination drive to save the Seagate NAS backup image. Click “Step2”, select the external hard drive F:\. If there is no problem, click Start Backupto launch the progress.

Destination Place


● “Backup Options” is for you to set up more for your backup like add comment, make compression, etc.

● “Schedule” is for you to set up an automatic backup NAS for daily, weekly, monthly, event triggers. You can also choose the do an incremental/differential backup here.


As you can see, the AOMEI Backupper is a very powerful Seagate NAS backup software. Actually, it is a NAS backup software that you can use to backup all NAS devices. Besides, it is also a remarkable backup software that you can use to backup system only, backup hard drive to another hard drive, etc. It can help you solve a lot of problem for your Windows 10/8/7.