By Lily / Last update March 22, 2022

Backup files automatically

Only Backup Changed Files Per Day Automatically

Now, we use computer everyday, and the data is increasing with the use of computer. We store many important files on the computer. In case of losing the important data, people always backup files to other storage space like another disk, even synchronize files to cloud storage. But backup every day seems annoying, and people always forget to back up. Thus, it is necessary to make a schedule backup that can backup files automatically.

Only backup changed files per day automatically

Backup changed files per day automatically will be very useful to users. But how to do it on Windows 11/10/8/7? First, you need to figure out the difference of backup types.

◑ Full Backup will backup all the data no matter new added or the existed files. People usually do a full backup at the first time. With time goes by, the data will increase, and after a period of time, you’d better backup again to ensure the new data’s safety. However, full backup will duplicate the old existed data, so it will take more time and occupy more space. It is no need to full backup again.

◑ Incremental backup refers to backup the changed and new added data based on the first full backup or the last backup. There is a mutual relationship between them two. The last image file of incremental backup is based on the previous image file. The deletion of a previous image file will make all the subsequent image files invalid.

◑ Differential backup is used to back up the changed data based on the last full backup. It will backup the different files based on last backup. If there are data changed, added, deleted, it will backup the changed files comparing of the last full backup. It can help to improve backup efficiency and reduce storage disk space required by the image file.

If you only want to backup changed files per day automatically, what you need is to do a schedule automatic daily backups of changed files.

Schedule automatic daily backup of changed files with AOMEI Backupper

Windows OS has built-in tool that you can backup files. But if you do not understand it clearly, it may backup failed. Considering the data's safety, here we highly recommend you a third-party software AOMEI Backupper Standard. Set a schedule automatic daily backup of changed files could be easier and simpler.

  1. First, download AOMEI Backupper Standard(a free backup software), install and launch it. Click Backup -> File Backup.
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File Backup

  1. Then, click Add Folder or Add files to add the files or folders which you want to backup. Then select the destination space that you want to put the backup image in.

Add Folders Files

  1. Then you can setup on schedule that you can only backup changed files per day automatically. Click Schedule, you will see there are 5 options. You can set the schedule backup of daily, weekly, monthly or event triggers. Choose Daily here.

Schedule Settings General

  1. Click Backup Scheme and select Incremental Backup to perform the schedule backup. You can upgrade to Pro version with a discount to enjoy Differential Backup.


  1. After all the settings, click OK, then click Start Backup to launch the progress. You have already setup the daily schedule backup that only backup changed files.

If there is an existing backup file, you can set it up directly under the Home tab. Click Backup and select Incremental Backup.


Only backup changed files per day automatically is very easy with the help of AOMEI Backupper. Actually, if you would like to synchronize files, you can use the “File Sync” under the “Sync” tab.If you upgrade to a higher version, you can set up automatic cleanup of backups to save storage space.