By AOMEI / Last Updated October 21, 2019

Advice to clone mSATA SSD to mSATA SSD

You may meet the similar situation to upgrade a smaller mSATA SSD to a larger mSATA SSD like the user below:

“my laptop presently has a 32GB mSATA SSD and 1TB HDD installed, with the OS installed in the mSATA. I wish to replace the 32GB mSATA with a 240GB mSATA, retaining the 1TB HDD. Could someone advise me on the best way to go about this please?”

Actually, this is easy to solve with a free AOMEI Backupper, since your computer has two drive bays. You just need to remove the HDD and make the two mSATA SSDs installed in computer, then you can start to clone SSD to SSD. After the cloning process is accomplished, remove 32GB mSATA SSD and install HDD back.

You should not do followings, and the HDD will be covered with an exact copy of the 32GB mSATA SSD.

  • Clone the 32GB mSATA to the 1TB HDD.

  • Swap over the mSATA.

  • stick the 240GB one in.

  • copy the cloned drive from the 1TB HDD over to 240GB mSATA

What if your computer has only one drive bay? Things will not be so easy. In this situation, you may clone mSATA SSD to mSATA SSD via USB cable, but sometimes this will lead to a failure boot after replacing 32GB mSATA SSD with 240GB mSATA SSD. Therefore, you’d better upgrade disk through backing up and restoring. Next, we’ll show you details.

An additional way

To upgrade smaller mSATA SSD to larger mSATA SSD, it’s recommended to backup smaller mSATA SSD to larger mSATA SSD rather to clone SSD to SSD via USB cable when there is only one drive bay in computer.

To achieve this, you should create a bootable USB or CD/DVD first so to boot computer after removing the smaller mSATA SSD, then you can install the larger mSATA SSD and restore disk backup image to it. This can be finished with free AOMEI Backupper, too.

1. Backup the smaller mSATA SSD with AOMEI Backupper, and you can save the backup image to NAS, USB etc. Then Remove it and Install the larger one in your laptop.

1) Click Disk Backup under Backup tab.

Disk Backup

2) Click on Add Disk to select the source hard drive, and then select a path to store backup images. Click Start Backup.

Add Disk

2. Connect the bootable media to the laptop to be restored. Start your laptop and press to boot into BIOS. Switch the bootable media as the first boot option.


3. It will directly boot into the intuitive interface of AOMEI Backupper. Then you can restore the the smaller mSATA SSD image to larger one.

Home Restore

All in all, in order to make sure that the larger mSATA SSD is bootable after transfer data from smaller one to it, you could either clone mSATA SSD to mSATA SSD when the laptop has more than one drive bays, or backup SSD to SSD when there is only one drive bay in computer. And both can be achieved with free AOMEI Backupper.