By Ailsa / Last Updated January 5, 2017

Significant of Backup and Recovery

With the development of computer science and technology, digital life becomes normal. On the one hand, it gives us more convenience and comfortable; on the other hand, the digital data could be easily lost due to hard drive failure, virus attack, power outage, natural calamities, and other reasons. Therefore, you have to backup your most important data to prevent it from losing, and if your data is gone in future, you can recovery it to the previous state to reduce losses.

Since the necessary of Backup and recovery, there exists massive backup software in the commercial market. Generally speaking, computer and hardware manufacturer provides exclusive backup software for its product like Dell Ailenware laptops, HP and others.

Alienware Computers and AlienRespawn Software

Alienware is an America computer hardware company, belongs to Dell, Inc. The Alienware computer, just as its name implies, unique alien theme design computer designed for gaming users. With time goes by, your Alienware computer will hold a plenty of data like installed games, programs, personal documents, work files, pictures and other essential data.

How to backup Dell Alienware computers like Alienware Alpha, Alienware 17, Alienware 15? AilenRespawn backup and recovery software (also known as Dell Backup and Recovery or Alienware Respawn) gives you a shot. AlienRespawn is a tool preinstalled all Alienware computers to backup and recovery your important data or restore your computer to original factory settings. However, it’s a pity that you might stuck in “Alienware Respawn not working” problem when trying to restore your system to factory settings. How to avoid the problem? It’s time to try something else to backup and recovery Alienware computers.

The Best Alienware Backup and Recovery Solution

To save your precious time and make the right decision for Alienware computer’s Backup and recovery, we’ll introduce the best Alienware backup and recovery software-AOMEI Backupper Professional for you. AOMEI Backupper Professional is a powerful backup software for Windows home and business users, the supported OS is Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. The main features including system backup, disk backup, partition backup, and so on. It’s not only a comprehensive backup software but also the best cloning software, which provides system clone, disk clone, partition clone, as well as command line utility to backup, restore and clone from command prompt that takes fewer system resources.

Backup and Restore Alienware Computer

Backup Dell Alienware Computer

1. Download AOMEI Backupper Professional, select “Backup”>”Disk Backup” in turn on the main window.

Disk Backup

2. Type a proper name into “Task Name” box, and select the disks you want to backup in the “Step1”.

Task Name

Select Source Disk

3. Choose a destination to save the image file for Alienware computer.


Tips: You can backup data to external hard drive, local disks, USB flash drive, SSD, NAS devices, Network share, and more.

There are some additional options you should know:

Backup Options: you can customize the image file such as compression, splitting, encryption and other operations.

Schedule: You could backup Alienware computer via daily, weekly, monthly, real-time sync if you wish.

Scheme: Choose the right backup scheme, like full backup, incremental backup, differential backup, etc.

4. Press “Start Backup” to backup Alienware computer, OS included.

Restore Alienware Computer

It’s easy to restore. On AOMEI Backupper main interface, you will find the disk backup task, select “Restore” and follow its tutorial to recovery Alienware laptops. After a few mouse clicks, Alienware Backup and recovery is perfectly done.



In addition, if you want to restore system to factory settings, you have to backup Alienware computer without any action after your purchase, and then do this recovery from the image file if necessary. If you want to upgrade your hard drive to an SSD drive, you can backup system or clone system to realize it. Besides, dissimilar hardware restore and bootable rescue media are other powerful features to help you out.