Server Backup Solutions - Windows Self-contained Tool or Backup Software

August 3, 2016

Like PC backup, the solutions of server backup also have two, using Windows self-contained function or making using of a third party backup software.

General information about server backup

Usually, we encounter backup problems are with PCs, but how to back up servers? Actually, it is easy to do server backup. Server backup is very similar to computer backup; the only difference is that server contains much more data, files and applications than PCs. Therefore, it needs much more time and destination space to back up server. Even though, it is also an easy work.

As is the same as computer backup, server backup also have two main ways: using Windows built-in backup features or taking advantage of a third party of backup software.

To back up server with Windows self-contained function

Every kind of Windows OS has its own backup service, including all kinds of Windows server. However, the Windows self-contained feature of Server 2008/2012 is more powerful than that of Server 2003. For example, the former has faster backup technology, more simplified restoration and more simplified recovery of operating system than the latter.

To use Server Manager to do backup work, you have to firstly install some items: Windows Server Backup, Command-line Tools, and Windows PowerShell.

Step1. Click “Start” “Server Manager”. Click “Features” in the left pane and then in the right pane click “Add Features”. You will see the Add Features Wizard.

Step2. In the Add Feature Wizard, expand “Windows Server Backup Feature” on the Select Feature page. Tick the check boxes before “Windows Server Backup” and “Command-line Tools”.

Step3. At this moment, you will get a message says that Windows Power Shell is also required to be installed with these features. Click “Add Required Features” and then “Next”.

Step4. Review the selections you have made on the Confirm Installation Selections page. If all things are right, click “Install” to continue.

Tips: To access these backup and recovery tools, do as follows:

  • Snap-in Windows Server Backup: click Start / Administrative Tools / Windows Server Backup.
  • Syntax for Wbadmin: click Start; right click Command Prompt; then click Run as administrator. Type “wbadmin /?” at the prompt.
Server Features

Then, you can backup up your Server following the guides. It is easy, but it has limitations. Luckily, we have backup software; it is safer and faster.

To back up server with backup software

There are many kinds of backup software, such as AOMEI Backupper. With it, you can have server backed up without difficult; the only thing you have to do is to purchase one and install it on your server, start it and operate following the steps of the software. It is easy and usually only several steps are needed to finish the task.

Here are some important features of Backupper:

  • Backup: back up files, system, disks and partitions quickly without data loss.
  • Restore: recover whatever image you have made to its original state after accidents happen.
  • Clone: clone the partitions or disks on your computer to transfer data.
  • Image Operations: manage the image files with ease—check, explore and merge.
  • Create Bootable Media:make a bootable rescue media such as CD/DVD or USB drive.
Backupper Server

Once you have a backup of your server, when accidents happen, you won’t worry any more. Just restore what you lost from the related image files making use of AOMEI Backupper.