Using NTBackup Tool in Windows Server 2003

August 1, 2019

Your data on your sever is important; in order to avoid data loss, you should back them up. Sever 2003 has its own backup software that can help you protect your data.

About NTBackup Sever 2003

Windows Server 2003 has a built-in tool called NTbackup which enables you to back up and archive user data and also the entire operating system and disk volumes. Besides, you can use this tool to backup and restore both Windows Server 2003 and Exchange 2003 data. NTbackup in Server 2003 can be used to backup directories, selected files, and System State data, which concludes Windows Server 2003 operating system registry information.

Besides, it can support scheduling backups, incremental backup, differential backup, normal backup and so on. What’s more you can also do restore, when you need it. If you want to use this tool, do as follows. Click Start, then point to All Programs > Accessories >System Tools > Backup.


The Deficiency of NTbackup Server 2003

Almost everyone knows backing up essential data is important. So in order to avoid data loss bring you trouble, you should back up you data in advance. However, on a limited budget, what can you do to ensure your data is safe? Taking this into consideration, NTBackup is very good and can handle your backup needs both simply and affordably. But before you choose, you should know the deficiency of Ntbackup Server 2003.

  • NTbackup Installed by default

  • Ntbackup is installed by default on Windows Server 2003. The shortage of default backup can be annoying in some situations. For instance, you are called to look at a Server which is erratically, only to find it has never been backed up and you can’t install any new software.

  • The Minimum Backup Selection

  • NTbackup makes you select individual files and folders t backup. It doesn’t have any error, but it isn’t convenient for you to back up the whole data on partition.

  • Tape Drive Support

  • Tape drive is gonging the way of floppy disk. Compared with today’s hard drive, floppy disk has small storage space. Furthermore, during backup and restoration floppy disk is much slower than today’s hard drive.

From mentioned above, we can clearly know that build-in tool can help you satisfy most of your demand of protecting data, but there are some deficiencies. If you want to have more advanced and professional designed backup tool, AOMEI Backupper Sever which devotes to data protection may be your best choice.