Easily Schedule Automatic Backup Windows Server 2022 (3 Ways)

You can learn how to easily schedule automatic backup Windows Server 2022 in 3 ways, both built-in tool and the third-party backup software can help you. Please read on.


by Maggie Updated on October 31, 2023

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Something New in Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2022 builds on the power foundation of Windows Server 2019 and brings many innovations in 3 key topics: security, Azure hybrid integration and management, and application platforms. In addition, Windows Server 2022 Datacenter also innovates. Its Azure Edition can help you take advantage of the cloud and keep your virtual machines up to date while minimizing downtime.

For users most concerned about security, the new security features in Windows Server 2022 combined with other security features in multiple areas of Windows Server to provide defense-in-depth protection against advanced threats. Advanced multi-layer security in Windows Server 2022 provides the comprehensive protection that servers need today.

Win Server

Why Schedule Automatic Backup Windows Server 2022?

Although Windows Server 2022 has enhanced security protection, for Windows Server commonly used in the enterprise environment, users still need to be very careful about data security, especially the enterprise users need to protect a lot of data.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how to install windows severs backup and schedule automatic backup Windows Server 2022. On the one hand, scheduling automatic backups can help you keep track of what is added or removed from the backup. On the other hand, if there is any problem with your computer, you can use this backup to restore it to avoid data loss.

How to Schedule Automatic Backup Windows Server 2022

Next, this article will introduce you 3 ways to schedule automatic backup Windows Server 2022 in turn. Both built-in tools and third-party professional backup software can help you, and you can choose any of them based on your own needs. You can read on for more details to perform Windows Server 2022 backup.

Way 1. Schedule Automatic Backup Windows Server 2022 via Task Scheduler

The first method is to use Windows Server's built-in tool Task Scheduler to schedule automatic backup Windows Server 2022. And you can follow the graphic tutorial below.

Step 1. Navigate to Server Manager > Dashboard > Tools > Task Scheduler.

Tools Task Scheduler

Step 2. On the Task Scheduler page, click Create Task under the Actions tab.

Create Task

Step 3. You can name the task in General tab if you need. And click the option Run whether user is logged on or not under Security options.


Step 4. In Triggers tab click on the New button. Then, specify the day in a week (or in a month) to run the backup.

New Trigger

Step 5. In Actions tab click on the New button as well. Here is the step where you input the wbadmin commands. Type it in the pane next to Add arguments (optional). For example, to backup the entire C: drive including all critical volumes to the H: drive, please write this command below.

start backup -backupTarget:H: -include:C: -allCritical -quiet

New Action

Notes: The specific meaning of each part of the command is as follows.

  • start backup: start the wbadmin.exe
  • backupTarget: the target volume to store the backups.
  • include: the volume(s) to backup. If you want to backup more than one volume, separate them with a comma.
  • allCritical: tells the backup program also includes any other data that are required for a full server recovery.
  • quiet: to perform unattended backup tasks.

Step 6. It allows you to configure other settings in the left Conditions and Settings tabs. Then, click OK. It will prompt you to enter a user password later.

Enter Password

Way 2. Schedule Automatic Backup Windows Server 2022 via PowerShell

The second method is to make a script using Command Prompt (Windows PowerShell) and then let Windows backup Task Scheduler execute it. For example, if you want to backup your system state drive every Saturday at 6 pm using CMD every week, you can type the command below.

SCHTASKS /CREATE /SC WEEKLY /D SAT /TN WeeklySystemStateBackup /RL HIGHEST /ST 18:00 /TR “Wbadmin start systemstatebackup –backupTarget:H: -include:C: -allCritial -quiet”

Command Line Backup

Notes: The meaning of each part of the command is as follows.

  • SCHTASKS: scheduler tasks.
  • Create: create a task.
  • SC: schedule.
  • D: the day in a week to run.
  • TN: task name.
  • RL: run level.
  • ST: start time.
  • TR: trigger.

Methods 1 and 2 can help you schedule automatic backup Windows Server 2022, but for new users and those who are not familiar with this built-in tool, its backup process is too complex and too many steps may let users to make mistakes accidentally.

If you want to select a simple and easy method, you can try method 3, which is to use professional backup software to help you schedule automatic backup Windows Server 2022.

Way 3. Schedule Automatic Backup Windows Server 2022 via Professional Backup Software

To free yourself from the complicated backup process, you can choose a professional server backup software to help you. AOMEI Backupper Server is a good choice. It has a very friendly user interface and simple operation process, even a green hand can easily backup your Windows Server 2022. And it also has the following advantages.

  • 4 backup solutions: It supports System backup, Disk backup, Partition backup and File backup, so you can backup anything you want.
  • Schedule automatic backup: You can easily create scheduled backups with fixed intervals. Therefore, you can make Windows Server backup weekly/daily/monthly/event triggers/usb plug in.
  • Incremental and Differential backup: compared to full backup, they will only backup the changed parts, which can help you save space.
  • Different backup schemes: Backup schemes can assist you to increase the available disk space by deleting old backups.
  • Multiple backup target locations: This software allows you to backup Windows Server 2022 to different devices, such as local disk, external hard disk, USB drive and network share, etc.
  • Various operating systems: It supports not only all Windows Server versions but also all Windows PC systems.

Then you can follow the graphic tutorial below to schedule automatic backup Windows Server 2022 in just few simple steps.

Step 1. Download AOMEI Backupper Server, install and open it. Then click Backup > System Backup.

Download Free Trial Windows Server & PC
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System Backup

Step 2. Select the target location for your system backup. The related system partitions will be selected by default.

Schedule Backup

Step 3. Click Schedule Backup in the lower left corner and the click Enable Schedule Backup option to set up schedule automatic backup Windows Server 2022. You can choose daily/weekly/monthly/event triggers/usb plug in backups according to your needs.

Schedule Weekly


  • If you want to use incremental backup or differential backup, just click Backup Scheme on the left in this page, then change the backup method as you like.
  • You can Enable Automatic Backup Cleanup which can delete the older backups to save disk space.

Enable Backup Scheme

Step 4. Confirm your operations and click Start Backup to schedule automatic backup Windows Server 2022.

Tip: In addition to the Schedule and Scheme just mentioned, the Options also provides you with some backup features. You can write comments for your backup, encrypt, split and compress the Windows Server 2022 backup file as well as set the email notification


It is important for users to protect their data. This article provides 3 ways to schedule automatic backup Windows Server 2022, you can choose built-in tool or professional backup software to help you.

I prefer to use the backup software AOMEI Backupper Server because it is not only easy to operate but also supports multiple backup methods and backup schemes, you can choose to backup your Windows Server daily, weekly monthly, event trigger or when usb plug in according to your needs. Especially for users who have a lot of data to protect, differential and incremental backups can save disk space while keeping data safe.

Besides, if you want to protect unlimited PCs and servers within your company, AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus can help you. It not only offers unlimited billable technical services to clients, but also enables you to copy the installation directory for portable version creation. You can download the software to explore more useful functions.

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