By AOMEI / Last Updated December 25, 2018

The case: transfer Windows 7 to new hard drive without CD

“Hi everyone, I have a hard drive that could be faulty as it has a "disk read error occurred press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" error. It has Windows 7 installed on it and I can't locate the installation CD anymore. Because of the disk error, I'm thinking about buying a new SSD, but the problem is I don't want to buy another Windows 7 again. Do I have an option here without having to buy a new license?”

Users often need to replace their old drive with new hard drive because of hard drive upgrade or hard drive failure. Many people choose to reinstall the operating system on the new hard drive. As everyone knows, system reinstallation is a time consuming job. In addition, you may encounter the following two situations:

  • Your installation CD is missing or damaged.

  • Some users even don't know how to use the installation CD.

How to transfer OS to new hard drive without CD? Don’t worry! System clone can help you complete the task even if you don’t have an installation CD.

The best cloning software for transferring Windows 7

AOMEI Backupper Professional is reliable and useful cloning software that allows you to clone Windows 7 to new hard drive without CD. This professional software supports different systems like Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP.

This powerful utility enables you to clone Windows 10 to smaller SSD, transfer Windows 10 to new hard drive without CD, and clone Windows 7 to multiple computers, etc. Besides, other practical features like system backup, system restore and disk clone are also available in this software.

By the way, all operating steps are simple and easy. Now, let’s learn the detailed steps of how to clone Windows to new hard drive without CD.

Step by step guide to clone Windows 7 to new hard drive without CD

Before you do, you need to connect the new hard drive to your PC.

Step 1. Install and launch this software. Select Clone from the left side. Then choose System Clone.

System Clone

Step 2. The related system partitions are selected by default. Select a partition of the new hard drive (E:) as the new location for Windows 7. Then click Next.

New Location

Step 3. If everything is correct in this Operation Summary interface, you can click Start Clone.

Start Clone

Step 4. After cloning, you can enter into BIOS and set the new hard drive as the first boot disk.


  • Sector by sector clone in Step 3 means the program will clone all sectors no matter it is used or not. Thus, it takes a longer time for cloning. If you click this option, you must ensure that the destination partition is equal to or larger than the space of the system.

  • If your new hard drive is a solid state disk, you can click Align partition to optimize for SSD in Step 3 to accelerate the reading and writing speed of the SSD.

  • After cloning, the new hard drive will be overwritten. If you have some important data on it, you must do disk backup of the new hard drive in advance.

  • The original hard drive will not be wiped out. You can use the original drive as a secondary storage or as a backup in case of a system crash.


Transferring Windows 7 to new hard drive without CD is such a simple thing with the help of AOMEI Backupper Professional. All you need to do are a few clicks.

Whether you want to clone Windows 7 system to another HDD or SSD or clone Windows 10 to NVMe SSD, this software can help you achieve these goals easily. Don’t hesitate to let AOMEI Backupper Professional help you clone Windows to external hard drive!